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Informações básicas
Tipo de empresa: Trading
Produto/Serviço: Papel fotográfico
Localização: Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Ano de fundação: 2012
Ano que iniciou as exportações: 2012
Nº de funcionários: 11 - 50 Pessoas
Faturamento total (ano anterior): confidential
Mercados principais: Europa Oriental,Sudeste Asiático,América do Sul,Mercado interno,América do Norte
Tempo médio para entrega: 15 dias
Perfil da empresa

Our company is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sales and service of premium inkjet media. Our main products include mediums such as the Sublimation transfer paper, inkjet photo paper, inkjet non-laminated PVC card, inkjet film, inkjet canvas and solvent & eco-solvent media. Our production base is located in Tongzhou District of Nantong City nearby Shanghai with area of about 30 Mu (2 hectares), and building area of about 12,000 square meters, being equipped with two professional coaters, one basic coater, one multi-function coater, one professional color ink-jet coater and thirteen different machines as cutter, rewinder and back side adhering machine, complete facilities of electricity, water, gas, fire control and logistic and so on. The year coating capacity is over 40 million square meters with output hundred million Yuan. Our company has total at present 120 employees, among them, 5 researcher specializing in coating, 35 persons with Junior College Degree education or above, 7 functional departments, as account, production, administration and human resource management, PMC, sales, international trade, research, development and test, 5 workshops for coating, cutting, selecting, picking, packaging, ingredient and mechanical repair, 5 warehouses for raw materials, coating materials, semi-manufactured goods, manufactured goods and subsidiary materials. The production base is clearly organized in working area, for working function and with working responsibility, which has specialized management consultant and professional manager, practicing and carrying out ISO9001 and 5S Management System for arriving at a higher modern enterprise standard both in hardware and also in software. We are capable to fulfill orders with strict demands. We are looking forward to supplying you our products with better quality and our more professional service! We have concentrated ourselves in coating technology and no others at all since 15 years, which lets us always stand on the foremost frontier of costing technology. We are one of the most outstanding manufacturers of ink-jet printing materials in China. We are engaged in the most important OEM production for ink-jet printing branch in the world, supplying ink-jet printing products for our partner meeting his strategy demands.

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Capacidade da empresa

Capacidade de transação Europa Oriental : 32.00% Sudeste Asiático : 30.00% Ver mais
Capacidade de Produção - - Ver mais
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