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Informações básicas
Tipo de empresa: Fabricante, Trading
Produto/Serviço: Cigarro eletrônico
Localização: Guangdong, China
Ano de fundação: 2011
Ano que iniciou as exportações: 2007
Nº de funcionários: 501 - 1000 Pessoas
Faturamento total (ano anterior): confidential
Mercados principais: América do Norte,Leste Asiático,Sudeste Asiático,Europa Ocidental,Mercado interno
Certificações: GMC,GMP
Certificações dos produtos: CE,RoHS,RoHS,FCC
Tempo médio para entrega: 7 dias
Perfil da empresa

Welcome to Trans-Power International. We are the first choice for your electronic cigarette needs. Our staff has over 5 years of experience dealing with and manufacturing electronic cigarettes. If you need quality products, we are the people that know this business best and will make sure your product is what you want and need. All products comply with international standards, such as CE, RoHS, MSDS, EMC, ISO9001, PSE,GMP and SGS. Our e-juice uses only the best ingredients and is of high quality. Try them out-you will like them. Our mission is to make the best electronic cigarette for our customers. No tar, No flame, No pollution, No carbon monoxide. Trans-Power also offers many flavors with different tastes such as chocolate, menthol, almond, apple, cherry, coffee, as well as other flavors. You can order flavors in: high, medium, low and zero to suite your needs. We deal with almost every style of e-cigarette to meet different customers' needs and have the ability to design your own product. During the last four years, we have gained a high reputation in the international business world due to our professional R&D department and excellent manufacturing. We continually innovate and develop our technology and offer different kinds of electronic cigarettes to fit our customers' demands. We can also help in designing your own e-cigarette. Our products are exported to over 40 countries such as Asia, the Middle East, the United States and Europe. We pride ourselves on customer service, quality products and competitive prices. Trans-Power offers timely delivery and excellent after-sales services that cannot be beat. We sincerely hope to establish a long-term business relationship with you. Please look over our product line and we look forward to all your enquiries. We will be happy to work with you and supply your manufacturing needs. Our motto: Quality First, Customers Supreme.

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Capacidade da empresa

Capacidade de transação América do Norte : 69.43% Leste Asiático : 8.00% Ver mais
Capacidade de Produção Tamanha da fabrica : 5,000-10,000 Metros quadrados N. de linha de produção : Above 10 Ver mais
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