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Tamil Nadu, India
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Mileage Booster
Better Average Saves fuel
15-35% saving in fuel( diesel or petrol or furnace oil)
Put it in Petrol/Diesel Tank
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10000 Piece/Pieces per Week
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Packed in a Eco Friendly attaractive paper cover. Product visible on display.
Chennai INDIA
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Quantidade(Pieces) 1 - 1000 >1000
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Product Description
What is WonderSave ?
WonderSave - unique technology fuel saver- mileage booster. For the first time in the world, a small gadget- fit and forget kind of gadget , showers the following benefits when used in cars, lorries, trucks, buses, heavy vehicles, tippers, fishing trawelers, diesel generators , furnace oil using industries: fit once and enjoy benefits for 1-2 years.

It is a Unique Technology based Gadget meant for Fuel Saving & Carbon Emission Reduction in all kinds of Vehicles and all kinds of Fuels.

WonderSave is the most simplest Gadget of its kind in the world and is created using Fourth Dimensional Technology, which the world will be possibly experiencing in the next Decade only.

It Is an is an Alloy metal Tube measuring 40 mm length X 15 mm Diameter

Safety - Unlike other fuel additives, WonderSave does not change the Physical or Chemical Properties of the Fuel. Hence it is as safe as, when using the original fuel.

Life of WonderSave is Minimum of 1 year from the date of Usage
Salient Features
Why WonderSave?

1. There is no other Fuel saving Gadget in the world, which is as small, as versatile and as easy to use as WonderSave is.

2. There is no repetitive running /maintenance cost involved, but only one time investment. 90% of the users have reported that, their investment on WonderSave is paid back within 7 to 45 days depending on the usage . Thereafter they enjoy its benefits free for 1-2 years.

3. When WonderSave is used, optimum combustion takes place, which only ensures increased life of the engine. WonderSave is totally safe to use.

4. WonderSave is the solution for reducing Noise pollution too apart from Carbon emission reduction. Many vehicles which fail the Carbon Emission test , pass the test instantly after WonderSave is used.

5. It is currently used in more than 50000 vehicles and exported to more than 5 countries.

Following benefits are guaranteed depending on the condition of the vehicle:

1. Engine becomes smoother by more than 60%
2. 15-35% saving in fuel( diesel or petrol or furnace oil)
3. upto 80% carbon emission reduction.
4. Vehicle pick up increases by more than 50%. Most suitable for Two wheelers/Auto Rickshaws/Cars,Trucks, Heavy Trucks and Fishing Boats/Trawlers. and Industries using Furnace Oil.

Where is WonderSave Used?

WonderSave can be used in all kinds of vehicles such as Trucks, Lorries, Tractors, Hand Tillers, Heavy construction Vehicles such as Poklains, Tippers, Dumpers etc., Fishing Boats , Buses, Cars, Mini Vans Auto Rickshaws, Motor Cycles, Scooters, Diesel Generators , Oil Engines, and Factories where Furnace Oil is used as Fuel.
How To use
How to Use?
Drop the WonderSave alloy tube, into the fuel tank. Your work is over. Within the next 30 minutes, you will start experiencing the benefits of WonderSave.

WonderSave gadget will never block the fuel passage. It will also not react with the fuel and is very safe.

NOTE: You need to use 1 WonderSave for every 60 liters Tank capacity. Use 2 Units for 60-120 liters Tank capacity. Use 3 units for 120-180 liters capacity etc.,

Alternative Option

If the user decides NOT to drop Wondersave into the Fuel Tank, there is an alternate option available.

Wondersave Tube has a hole on the top, to which a Nylon/Copper wire can be tied firmly. Tie the other end of the wire to the inside fuel cap screw or to a button magnet and fix it on the cap inside or to the body of the fuel tank.

Now drop the ‘wire tied Wondersave’ into the Fuel Tank. Ensure Wondersave touches the bottom of the fuel Tank. You can take Wondersave out of the Tank whenever you want.

WonderSave employs the Fourth Dimensional Technology “Frequency Embedding Technology” which is new to the Text Book Syllabus.

WonderSave Alloy Tube is impregnated with a researched Specific Frequency, which energizes the fuel many fold, when the fuel comes into contact with WonderSave.

The Engine rejoices the energized fuel and pushes the combustion levels to optimum status. This naturally results in increased RPM, increased speed, reduced fuel residues resulting in reduced or NIL carbon emission. Smoothness of Engine and reduced noise naturally follows these actions.

Prudent users of WonderSave around the world have learnt to silently enjoy the enormous benefits offered by WonderSave, than breaking their heads in researching its technology. The Technology is not in Text Book Syllabus as yet!

WonderSave doesnot change the Physical or Chemical Properties of the fuel, but only changes its frequency and energy levels. There are at present no gadgets in the world that can measure these changes. One can only enjoy the benefits.

Test Reports


WonderSave has been successfully tested by various Organizations for its Fuel saving ability, Emission reduction properties and its Energy levels.

World renowned Laboratory The CENTRE FOR BIO FIELD SCIENCES, Pune, INDIA has evaluated the Energy Effects on PETROL AND DIESEL after using WonderSave - Fuel Saver, using the Bio Field Viewer Imaging Systems.

Company Profie
PORTOWORLD is the abbreviation of Port To World
PORTOWORLD has been actively engaged for the last 15 years in Wellness Business, Fuel savings, Internationally. The activities of PORTOWORLD include, Innovating research based Unique Wellness Products and exporting them to the World, identifying unique Life saving and Life Extending Products and Importing them to India . PORTOWORLD, strongly believes in offering WHOLISTIC SOLUTION to Human Problems and Sufferings and has so far released more than 35 Unique Wellness Products to the World in the last 3 Years. It has also released to the world a Unique Fuel saver WONDERSAVE, which is currently exported to more than 5 countries. Led ably by its Founder Dr.Krishnamurthy Kannan , who is an MD in Alternative Medicines and a Ph.D in Geopathic Stress , PORTOWORLD has already brought to the World, many FIRST of its kind Wellness Products, which are all aimed at eliminating the Root Cause of the Problems and not the Symptoms alone. PORTOWORLD is now offering to the World a complete solution to Cancer Management and Prevention of Cancer. Environmental Positive Energy Enhancer Products of PORTOWORLD are proven and are well received in many countries. PORTOWORLDs innovation Geopathic Stress Neutralizer Pads are used in many Western Countries and in India with very great effect. PORTOWORLD' s Research on EMF and Mobile Phone Radiation has brought to the World , RADISAFE Mobile Phone Radiation and Heat Harmonizer which is currently used in more than 25 countries besides its extensive use in INDIA. Soon, the Mobile Tower Radiation Guard is going to be released to the World. . PORTOWORLD is working overtime to release to the World another 15 first of its kind Life Saving and Life Extending products before the end of the year 2012. PORTOWORLD sincerely thank all those positive minded people around the World who are blessed to use these products and enjoy a qualitative life. Our Mission continues.

1. Who are we?
We are based in Tamil Nadu, India, start from 1999,sell to Domestic Market(25.00%), North America(20.00%), Africa(20.00%), Southeast Asia(15.00%), Mid East(10.00%), Eastern Europe(10.00%). There are total about 11-50 people in our office.

2. How can we guarantee quality?
Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment;

3.What can you buy from us?
Wellness products, water energizer, Energy Pads, Cancer Prevention Pads, EMF radiation prevention chips, Student memory enhancer Mat, NO PAIN Mouse Pads

4. Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
We have A to Z in house facilities for manufacturing and Testing of our products. We have adequate work force to finish the jobs well ahead of commitment.

5. What services can we provide?
Accepted Delivery Terms: CIF;
Accepted Payment Currency: USD, EUR;
Accepted Payment Type: T/T, Credit Card, PayPal;
Language Spoken: English, Hindi

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