VIJOHN das Mulheres Kit de Cuidados (cabelo Removedor de Mel/Açafrão & Saffron Ouro Fairness Cream & Body Butter Jar 200GM & perfume Água Azul

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100000 Peça/Peças (Min. Ordem)
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perda do cabelo
Gmp, halal
Lugar de origem:
Vi- john, st. John
Capacidade de fornecimento
Capacidade de fornecimento:
100000 Piece/Pieces per Day
Embalagem e entrega
40 gramas Jar - 432 pcs por a caixa25 gramas tubo - 288 pcs por a caixa60 gramas tubo - 144 pcs por a caixa50 ML PERFUMES - 72 PCS por a caixa30 ML PERFUMES - 288 PCS por a caixa10 ML PERFUMES - 432 PCS por a caixa
Tempo de execução: :
20 Days


1) Largest Selling Hair Removal Cream
2) Brand Ambassador-Bipasha Basu
3) Anti Darkening Formula
4) Removes Hair with Care



Body Butter Cream


VI-JOHN's body butter softens and boosts your skin's elasticity and suppleness. Its chocolate scent and other natural ingredients adds glow to your skin. Chocolate is skin-friendly ingredient that helps keeping your skin healthy, glowing and just flawless.


Hair Removal Cream 

The easiest method for removal of unwanted hair from the body, VI-John's Feather Touch Removal Cream, is the best alternative to all those painful and harming methods like shaving, waxing, tweezing, electrolysis, etc. It gently removes hair from the root, leaving behind only clear and smooth skin, without causing any pain, in less than 3 minutes.


ST.JOHN Blue Water

A seductively romantic fragrance for a sensual woman, Embrace creates a warm and welcoming illusion that envelops people around you. Exotic and sultry, it leaves you feeling exquisitely divine.


Skin Fairness Cream Saffron & Gold

Vi-John Skin Fairness Cream with special Saffron and Gold extracts nourishes the skin with the essential vitamins while moisturizing, protecting and reducing the dark spots, along with inducing naturally glowing skin. Transform your dull skin into revitalized and healthy-looking that glows from within.



Stay fresh and rejuvenated all day long with vi-john deo for men. The tempting fragrance of vi-john deo will make you appealing towards all around you. Wear its cool and intimated aroma and let the whole world feel your presence. No stickiness no smelly sweats. Its long lasting perfumed effect of mild & safe deo will make you feel as fresh as morning dew.


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