ST66013 Ambulância helicóptero de resgate Maca Cesto de aço

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US$ 10,00 - US$ 300,00 / Peça | 1 Peça/Peças (Min. Ordem)
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Detalhes Rápidos
Número do Modelo:
Lugar de origem:
Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Aço da caixa
Uma seção, cor preta, todos os accesseries incluído
A localização da fábrica:
2 horas de Carro
Nome do produto:
Cesta De Maca de resgate de helicóptero
1 ano
212*62*18 cm
215*64*22 cm
20 kg
22 kg
Dispositivos de primeiros socorros
Embalagem e entrega
Peso líquido: 20 kg
Embalagem: 1 pc por a caixa
Dimensão da embalagem: 215*64*22 cm
Peso bruto: 22 kg
Tempo de execução: :
Shipped in 20 days after payment
Overview: ST66013 Ambulance  steel helicopter rescue Basket Stretcher

Suitable for a wide range of rescue situations.

The basket stretcher is a hard wearing rescue stretcher which can be dragged, carried or lifted, if required, without affecting the casualties' wellbeing. Designed with a spacious interior, each basket is large enough to accommodate rescue blankets for extra individual comfort. Ideal for the rescue of casualties from many situations such as mountain rescues, disaster zones, building sites, quarries or mines, as well as the transportation of sports injury victims from such places as the sports field or ski slope.

One whole unit made from high strength carbon steel.

The ST66005 basket stretchers are a basic rescue stretcher designed to be used in raise/lower operations. Features all-carbon-steel with MIG welded, 19mm tubular frame construction, and carefully designed frame geometry for the ultimate strength.

  • One piece unit made from high strength carbon steel tube and net.
  • Much stronger, load capacity as big as 350kg.
  • Equiped with adjustable feet-securing mechanism.
  • Chemical, UV, rust, and corrosion resistant.
  • Ideal for most rescue situations, even includes the helicopter rescue.
  • Comes with 4 quick-release patient restraints.
  • Including 4 adjustable lifting bridles.
  • Can be used in conjunctions with most spine board and scoop stretcher.

Do you notice?
All necessary accessories are included in our basket stretchers, such as four patient restraints with quick-release buckle and a foot plate, you’re always getting the best product from A&F company.

Tech specs
  • Length: 212cm
  • Width: 62cm
  • Height: 18cm
  • Load capacity: 272kg
  • Net weight: 20kg
  • Packing: 1pc per carton
  • Packing dimension: 215×64×22cm
  • Gross weight: 22kg


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