O Projeto especial Deslizante Vídeo Cartão Brochura 2.4/Mailer Cartão De Tela LCD de 2.8 polegadas para a Publicidade

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China (Mainland)
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Capacidade de fornecimento
Capacidade de fornecimento:
2000 Set/Sets per Day
Embalagem e entrega
Para a embalagem, os produtos são embalados com caixa forte de formato padrão e um extra de espuma protetora. Se o formato é incomum, vamos fazer sob medida caixas. E para produtos maiores, temos feito caixas de madeira muitas vezes. Cuidado com os custos de transporte e tempo embora.
Product Description


A handcrafted solution designed to help marketing and creative agencies to leverage their product and communicate their brand identity with the focus on generating higher engagement and an immersive user experience. the main thrust of our company is centered on creating marketing support tools that will enable agencies to establish an intimate connection with their targeted audience by creating an impactful impression.


Long after it was first introduced as a pioneering solution, the hype over video brochure continue to live up to its expectations, to date, it’s still one of the most sought after marketing tool because of the flexibilities it offer especially in the spaces of high engagement and immersive end user experience.


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Technical specifications about the range of products:

Video Screens specifications
Screen SizeDisplay AreaScreen RatioResolutionBatteryWorking time
2.4 Inch 48*36mm4:03320*240320mA We choose the battery capacity so that each screen can play around 2hours
4.3 Inch 94*53mm16:09480*272600mA
5 Inch 110*61mm16:09480*272600mA
5 Inch IPS Screen107*64mm16:09800*480600mA
7 Inch 152*85mm16:09800*4801500mA
7 Inch IPS Screen152*85mm16:091024*6001500mA
10 Inch 221*124mm16:091024*6002400mA
Video Brochures usual formats  
Screen SizeNamecard
90 x50mm
10x 15cm
21 x 15 cm
21x 30cm
2.4 Inch UsualUsualUsualPossible but rarely chosen 
4.3 Inch NAUsualUsualUsual 
5 Inch NAPossible but rarely chosenUsualUsual 
5 Inch IPS ScreenNAPossible but rarely chosenUsualUsual 
7 Inch NANAUsualUsual 
7 Inch IPS ScreenNANAUsualUsual 
10 Inch NANAUsualUsual 
Other formats are obviously available upon request 
Video Boxes usual formats   
Screen SizeA6
10x 15cm
21 x 15 cm
21x 30cm
2.4 Inch UsualUsualPossible but rarely chosen  
4.3 Inch UsualUsualUsual  
5 Inch Possible but rarely chosenUsualUsual  
5 Inch IPS ScreenPossible but rarely chosenUsualUsual  
7 Inch NAUsualUsual  
7 Inch IPS ScreenNAUsualUsual  
10 Inch NAUsualUsual  
Usual box depth4 to 5 cm4 to 5 cm5 cm  
Other formats are obviously available upon request  
Item NameCustomized printing 7inch lcd screen video brochure for advertising    
Supply TypeOEM/ODM    
Display Size  2.4inch,4.3inch,5inch,7inch,10inch    
Video formatMP4,3GP,AVI MOV,AVI ,...    
Picture formatBMP,JPG,JPEG,...    
Music formatMP3,WMA,PCM,...    
Power on/offLight sensor, Magnet switch, motion sensor, push buttons    
Paper SizeCommon size are A4, A5 or customized size    
UsageAdvertising Brand, Business Gift, Wedding Invitation, Brand promotion.    
Video resolutionSee table    
Product categoriesVideo brochure    


Packaging & Shipping

 Our packaging standard: individually packed in EPE envelops in a 7 -layered cartons with protective layers of foam.

We have partnered with a reliable shipping compaies. DHL and UPS takes care of our packages due for the USA and Europe.

Our Services

 More than service. Partnering for the future.

We are a customer-centric company and we cut to the chase, all of our partners have direct access to the management team so you are guaranteed that all your concerns are considered and taken into account and in transparency. No hidden terms. No confusing fees. Find out how good we treat our partners, give us a call today!

Company Information

 Sunvision’s humble beginnings started with the manufacture of speakers until 2009, when we started manufacturing video brochures for the USA. Our main produce are the video-based products but to this day, we continue to create and manufacture a range of our other marketing tools and innovative solutions.


 Industry standard delivery timelines take about 10 days for the brochure and 15 days for boxes and light print. We will try our best to deliver as fast as within 7 days. (Note: This is subject to holiday considerations.)

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