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Pika Pika Rain
Número do Modelo:
25 ml
Car body coating
Data de Validade:
Unopened, 1 year
Used on:
Painting surface with clear coat
Auto detailing shops
Liquid coating
Raw material:
Capacidade de fornecimento
Capacidade de fornecimento:
500 Unit/Units per Month
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Seguro e seguro de embalagem padrão.
A grande ordem/OEM embalagem devem ser discutidos separadamente.
Osaka, Kobe

Car glass coating for Slovakia | Pika Pika Rain PREMIUM | No.1 car care product in Japan | glass coating

Glass Coating

  • Main Component: Alkoxysilane film
  • Manufacture: 100% made in Japan for direct sale by manufacturers
  • Coating Type: Single coat type
  • Application: Automotive body, plastic parts, wheels
  • OEM: Available

Nanotech Pika Pika Rain glass coating for car wheel, OEM available

  1. Unparalleled luster (3D matrix structure)
  2. Absolute protection against dirt (Nano tech, water repelling, durable)
  3. Incredibly long lasting (3 years durability)

-This revolutionary high performance glass coating is guaranteed to impress.


Gives your vehicle a mirror - like gloss sheen. Repels water effectively.

Easily removes bird dropping and other substances (even working 5 years after application).

Comparison Experiment

We compare our products with similar products from all over Japan and the world. We have conducted tests and experiments putting real cars under all kinds of conditions.


-Comparison of water repellency


-Comparison of glass piece/curing

Our glass coating liquid cures in a solid state. Some coatings tint the pure shine and original paint color with a strong yellow color. Some coatings melt plastic cups in a short time, which raises concerns over the safety of application.


-Experiment of chemical & fire resistance

Application Demonstration

Any glass coating can look great when applied to an expensive, beautiful car. That's why we think it's important to demonstrate our product on damaged materials that are in poor condition to show how great our glass coating works, and how durable the finish is.We test our glass coating on plastic, wooden plates, metallic parts, and even on paper.


  • A: Before glass coating
  • B: After glass coating
Glass coating works on a wooden plate. (Ultra on the left)



Our glass coating can be used on the whole car body: wheels, plastic, and high temperature parts.


Application Method

Unparalleled performance is a key component of our product, but it is also fast and easy to apply!


Patents & Awards

1) Patents

Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating liquid has been patented both in Japan and the U.S.
The Pika Pika Rain glass coat forms a hardened glass surface on your car which provides a rich gloss finish and a strong layer of protection for the car body and the paintwork.

2) No.1 car ceramic coating in Japan

The Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating series has been named No.1 sales in one of the biggest Japanese online shopping marketplaces and received hundreds of customer reviews.
Also the Pika Pika Rain Ceramic Coating series has the largest market share of ceramic coating products in other online marketplaces such as Amazon due to its reliable quality and high performance. It’s 100% made in Japan.
The Pika Pika Rain series is the leading Japanese car coating brand!
We are the only one brand to introduce this.
Pika Pika Rain product series has been named No.1 sales in one of the biggest Japanese marketplaces and received hundreds of customer reviews. 
Pika Pika Rain products consist of technology and honest feedback from customers.


Customer voice

Feedback from overseas car detailers.



As a leading car glass coating company, we have been focused exclusively on direct sales and general end-users. The name "Pika Pika Rain" has already established a secure position as the No.1 car glass coating brand in Japan. We are also working on OEM to expand the market.


We have been working with engineers and chemical experts to develop innovative products, constantly conducting tests using many different variables.


To stay sompetitive in the market and provide the best service we can to our customers, we constantly reserach new products and trends worldwide. Because of this, we are now able to offer total car detailing goods, including the latest technology.

Pika Pika Rain’s Strength

1) Many options:from samples to OEM

All orders are welcome, from sample kits to large lot orders.


Product sample Packing example
Reinforced cardboard box
Packing example ofr OEM
(60L UN drum)


2) Knowledge and experience

Pika Pika Rain’s chemically reliable process ensures the effect of real glass coating. We can provide support with technical guidance, from personal use to OEM.



3) Only the best from Japan

Through our work with chemical experts in Japan, we have gained a position of trust within the Japanese market for many years. We are confident that our products will impress even our most discerning customers. 



About the Company

  • 100%Japanese automotive glass coating manufacturer/supplier
  • Direct sales
  • Technical guidance available
  • Distributors/OEM customers welcome
  • Trade show participation


Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.
We are happy to send samples so you can check the quality of our products.

Payment Method

Advance payment by T/T or Paypal

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