S0810 SS10 3 MM 500 swainstone transferência de strass pedra de cristal bruto; projetos de transferência de calor sem chumbo; swainestone pedras rhine

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Pedrinhas soltas
Hot Fix
Costas chatas
Sacos, Veste, Arte de unha, Sapatos, Vestuário-hat-sapatos-outro acessório
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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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High-end acessórios
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Juntar Swainstone Clube
Transferência de calor
YAX001 cor cristal
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SS10 Clear color crystal stone transfer swainstone ;

lead free heat transfer designs




              Our swainstone® is the best rhinestone in china , We have a super strong rubber soled,Double compensation,if our all swainstone® glue fall off within 365 days.




china swainstone® YAX LTD,YAX swainstone® -high quality hotfix rhinestone



The package of Swainstone is very strong and beautiful.


china swainstone® YAX LTD,YAX swainstone® -high quality hotfix rhinestone


  china swainstone® YAX brand introduction,YAX swainstone® -high quality hotfix rhinestone





china swainstone® YAX quality certificate,YAX swainstone® -high quality hotfix rhinestone


china swainstone® YAX rhinestones sizes,YAX swainstone® -high quality hotfix rhinestone


china swainstone® YAX packing ,YAX swainstone® -high quality hotfix rhinestone



china swainstone® YAX facets,YAX swainstone® -high quality hotfix rhinestone

china swainstone® YAX glue,YAX swainstone® -high quality hotfix rhinestone






Quick Details

  • Product Type: Rhinestones
  • Shape: Round
  • Rhinestones Type: Loose Rhinestones
  • Technics: Hot-Fix
  • Style: Flatback
  • Use: Garment
  • Color: Crystal,Normal color,Special color
  • Size: SS4/6/8/10/12/16/20/30/34/40
  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name:YAX--swainstone
  • Material: Organic Glass


1.Shining perfect, 14~16 cutting facets.

2.Factory price .                

3.High quality, Our company ensure that our all swainstone glue will not fall off within 365 days. Any quality problem will be in our responsibility.

4. Unique safe package .


Why choose to use YAX-swainstone

Our YAX-swainstone contains 16 facets, while the traditional rhinestone just has 8-10 facets only, so our swainstone is more cut faces and more shinier.

Our swainstone is the best rhinestone in china , We have a super strong rubber soled,Double compensation,if our all swainstone glue fall off within 365 days.


Application Conditions for YAX-swainstone Transfer


Heat transfer

Transfer Temperature:


Transfer Time:

15-25 seconds

Transfer Pressure:

0.3 Mpa / 250-300gf/cm2 (Light - Medium)

Peeling Way:


Suggest Silicone Pad size

40cm x 50cm

Packaging & Shipping


Packaging :SS4-SS20:10gross/bag;ss30:2gross/bag;SS34-ss40:1gross/bag




size in sssize in mmpacking/bagM.O.Q
ss62.0-2.1mm10gross/bag=1440pcs1 bag
ss82.4-2.5mm10gross/bag=1440pcs1 bag
ss102.8-3.0mm10 gross/bag=1440pcs1 bag
ss123.3-3.5mm10gross/bag=1440pcs1 bag
ss163.8-4.0mm10gross/bag=1440pcs1 bag
ss204.8-5.0mm10gross/bag=1440pcs1 bag
ss306.1-6.3mm2gross/bag=288pcs1 bag


Delivery time:3-7days


Shipping way:DHL/UPS/Fedex/EMS......every shippment as your want 



FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q1): How do I place an order ?( For Rhinestone Product)

Please send us email and let us know:

  1. What kind of products you want
  2. The quantity of order
  3. Size- please refer to our color card
  4. Color- please refer to our color card
  5. How many pack you would like order (Based on our packing unit)
  6. Contact detail and company name
  7. When do you payment
  8. We will give you the total price as soon as possible

Q2) Why your rhinestone is called YAX—swainstone.

Long long ago, in the horizon with blinking stars, a very pretty girl called Maria lived alone with a story. No matter wind or rain, she always stood by the river. She thought that her expedition lover Swain would come back soon. Waiting and waiting again. A raging snowstorm night spoony Maria turn into a Iceman. Spring followed winter; snow and ice melt as usual. The ice statue of Maria proved to be a big shiny crystal diamond.

Swainstone was born since that time.

Q3) Could you please send a price list of YAX—swainstone product?

 We are happy to send you our YAX swainstone price list for reference.

Q4) Color- What colors of yax-swainstone you have provided?

 Our YAX swainstone have 36 colors for selection, we are happy to send our color card nto you,  

Q5) MOQ- What is the minimum order quantity of stone?

MOQ of YAX swainstone:5bags 

Q6) Could you please give me the quality sample?

If you need some samples for reference, please let us know your fully address/ship mode with courier a/c#, and we will arrange our available

sample for your reference, thanks!

Q7) Hong long is the lead time?

Lead Time: 3-7days 

Q8) How do I pay for my order?

PAYMENT TERMS: by Paypal or T/T/ westren union before shipment,or L/C


Law Prompt:
    Swainstone® is our registered brand products. We perform the authorized monopoly. Unauthorized distribution constitutes an act of infringement. Do not buy Swainstone® from any unauthorized dealer.         
    Swainstone® is a crystal hot fix rhinestone the well-known brands. The facet is very shiny,the glue is super stong. Its glue is usually praised by everyone in hot fix rhinestone industry. We will offer quality certificates of each bag of Swainstone.(Please refer to the attached certificates) If the glue drops off within 365days,we will give you the double compensation.  
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