Rosácea, Veia Discussão Calmante, Grande Gel de Poros Abertos, Remédio Cuidados Com A Pele Natural, Não Gorduroso, EUA empresa de propriedade

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Lugar de origem:
South Africa
Número do Modelo:
Seios, Rosto, Corpo, Pé, Mão, Pescoço, Nariz
Ingrediente principal:
Tipo da fonte:
OBM (fabricação original do tipo)
Quantidade Disponível:
Anti-envelhecimento, Inchaço, Antirrugas, Remoção de cabeça negro, Esclarecimento do defeito, Olheiras, Hidratante, Nutrição, Corretor de pigmentação, Pele Revitalizer
Tipo de Pele:
Topos os Tipos de Pele, Normal, Combinação, Oleoso, Pele danificada, Sensível, Seca
Área alvo:
Corpo, Pernas/Braços, Pescoço/Garganta, Rosto, Mãos

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20X5X5 cm
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0.100 kg
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Product Description

Rosacea,Thread Vein Calming,Large Open Pores-GEL-Natural Skin Care Remedy

KEEP YOUR SKIN YOUNG & BLEMISH-FREE. Quick absorbing gel draws herbal actives into the lower layers of the skin for maximum penetration, with no drying, no greasy or sticky residue. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of essential oils create an incredible environment for the skin to regain its natural brilliance!

HELPS RESTORE YOUR SKIN to health, lightening dark spots, calming irritated and red skin, even
reducing lines and wrinkles. Brings vitality back to dull skin, toning, firming, and brightening it.
Along with sunscreen, helps combat the negative effects of sun's UV rays. Perfect choice for dry,
normal, oily, sensitive, or acne-prone skin.

APPLY IT TO ANY INJURY to prevent scars from developing.
Apply to it an existing scar to reduce or eliminate it.

HOW LONG DOES SKLEER TAKE TO WORK? It depends on the condition. It can take as long as it
originally took for the condition to develop, but most users begin to get results much sooner.

E.g.insect bites can stop itching within seconds, but old scars or spots may take weeks or months.

Wash skin thoroughly, preferably with a hypoallergenic cleanser.
Then apply a very small amount of Skleer to the troubled area. A little bit goes a long way!
Our company policy is to offer the purest product possible, and because of that
we chose to keep the original scent instead of masking it with synthetic perfumes or fading it by adding potentially harmful artificial chemicals.Any tingling sensation or odor will dissipate in a minute or two.


No acids, alkalis or harmful preservatives that damage the skin's natural protective integrity and interfere with the skin's amazing natural healing ability.

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What can I use SKLEER Natural Skin Restoration Gel for?
The real question is, what can't you use it for? We've been making SKLEER for over five years, and our reliable
customers keep astounding us with new inspired uses. This fairy-tale all-purpose, all natural skin gel is the decisive
multi-purpose gel. It can be used to improve the appearance of scars, burn and wound relief, calming skin redness,
as an itch eraser, for the instant relief of insect bites and stings and acne treatment all in one! SKLEER is made with
 just essential oils, tea tree, cardamom, eucalyptus, cinnamon and caraway oils. On the market since 2012, this
nourishing, moisture rich gel does not contain additives, fragrances, parabens or GMO ingredients, and is not tested on animals. The curing properties of its all-natural ingredients list help to soothe dry and flaky skin, reduces the formation of fine lines, leaving the skin feeling nourished, providing relief and supporting the skin's natural healing process.
This gel is loved by everybody calling it their favourite all natural skin care product!!
We've even heard from veterinarians who use it on pets after surgery. If you think you've got a unique use, head over to our or and let everyone know about it!

How should I apply SKLEER?

Use as often as you like!
SKLEER gel is a great environment for your skin, so the more you use it, the better it is.
It can be used on the face or body.
Clean and dry the skin, then apply often as needed.
We recommend at a minimum using SKLEER twice a day, to keep your skin looking and feeling fresher,
clearer and tighter.
Apply it before using makeup or other creams!
Always clean your skin first, then apply SKLEER, before you apply makeup or other creams.

• Is SKLEER safe to use on my baby?

SKLEER is totally safe to use on babies and toddlers. We've heard from mothers who use SKLEER for their babies
nappy rash and cradle cap, and on their own stretch marks and cracked nipples. However, as with any skin care productplease consult your child's paediatrician before use.
• I've heard that SKLEER Natural Skin Restoration Gel can treat eczema? Is that true?
Every day in every way, we hear from customers who have seen unbelievable results using SKLEER on their eczema,
psoriasis and other skin ailments. SKLEER is not a medicine and we make no medical claims for the product. But we
encourage you to read some of the testimonials on our website ( We also offer a 100% money back guarantee so you can try SKLEER risk free and see how it works for you.

• Does SKLEER work on acne?

There is a lot of debate about whether to use oil-based or oil-free products on acne. A popular belief is that using oil-based products on your skin causes your body to stop producing oils, and results in smooth, clear skin. The testimonials
from our customers indicate that SKLEER is very effective in treating acne and some acne scarring, but we do not claim that SKLEER is a treatment for acne

• Is SKLEER non-comedogenic?

The comedogenicity of a product refers to the likelihood that it will cause acne. It is measured of a 0-5 scale. We have
not tested the comedogenicity of the product, but many of our customers use it for treating acne and acne scarring, so it is safe to assume it is very low. For some background, principal ingredients are essential oils namely, Tea Tree,
Carraway, Cardamon, Cinnamon and Eucalyptus Oils. These are rated as a 2 on the scale of comedogenicity;
essential oils fall between 0-2, depending upon several factors. All of the other ingredients are at 0

• Where is your product made?

Every tube of SKLEER is hand crafted by our company in the South Africa.

• Do you test on animals?

We do not, and never have or will, test on animals.

Our Company
SKLEER is an international consortium of pharmacists and physicians. We source the highest
quality natural ingredients from the best locations worldwide.

The largest and best manufacturer in South Africa manufactures our products to our specs.


Age Spot testimonial:

Hi Morris,
I want to commend you for an excellent product that you've put on the market.
I've been using this cream for about three weeks and WOW if ever there is a product on the market that says what it says it will do then SKLEER is it.
I am over fifty and my skin has become a bit dry and the nose area is oily it has cleared those areas and my skin has taken on a glow and it is looking very health.
It also seems like my skin has tighten up as well.
There is some pigmentation on my skin due to medication and it seems to be getting lighter. WELL DONE
I have been complimented lately on the "healthy look" and I have been telling my friends about this cream I happen to come by "per chance".
I have been around inquiring about Skleer to buy some but to no avail as the pharmacies in the Cape Town area have not heard about it.

Could you please advise me as to who the stockist is of your WONDERFULL product SKLEER.
Thanking you and Well Done

Debbie Faulmann

Investec Bank

For other age spot testimonials please go to


Complete Ingredient List.


Alcohol and parabens free.

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