Verificador do cabo de RJ45 / RJ11 / BNC para o CCTV

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Auto Testing Machine
relatório de Atividades Suspeitas
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Lugar de origem:
Guangdong, China
Número do Modelo:
electronic, Eletrônico
Teste de rede
10-Base-T (UTP/STP)-AT & T258A, T258A/B, token Ring e USOC4/6/8 modular,
Capaz de testar facilmente
Loja de conveniência:
Tamanho pequeno para fácil armazenamento
Usando extensa:
Família pode ser usado com ou engenharia
Bom material
Preciso, fácil de encontrar os problemas de rede
Foram identificados para facilitar a busca de problema
Testador de cabo
Capacidade de fornecimento
Capacidade de fornecimento:
100000 Box/Boxes per Week
Embalagem e entrega
1 pçs/caixa
Tamanho da embalagem: 31*13*13.5 (10 pcs) cm



1. Cable Test

  • Length measurement: twisted-pair, phone line, coax and wires, etc.
  • Woremap testing: display wiremap, conduct tests pf STP/UTP
  • Tone genetation: generate up to 4 distinctive tones for tracing cables
  • Port identificaation: identify port and jack type, such as telephone and Ethernet, with speed and duplex information, up to 1000 Mbps


Product name:  RJ45/RJ11/BNC Cable Tester for CCTV   .

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Product description:


Test by cables of the same BNC Axes:

1.Put one end of the cable into both main tester and BNC socket,and put the other into the remote tester.

2.Switch on the power,which works if the light is on.

3.BNC light will not be on when the cable is connected.Any flash of the light means an improper cable is connected.

4.Press the button on the left of the main tester.If the light is gree.The cable works.If not(means red or any other color of light). the cable is out of work.




Test by Twin-twisted cable:


1.Put one end of the cable into the main tester.


2.Switch on the power,whitch works if the light flashed.


3.Once switched on.LEDS of the remote tester will scan the cable accordingly.If the cables are good,the corresponding LEDS will turn green sequently.If the cables are out of work,The LEDS will first turn green then red or  others,Or the LEDS will not be on or be on disorderly.


4.If the cables are shielded.Shielding is testerd when GND is turned on.If shielding is normal. the corresponding LEDS and GND will turn green.If not.The LEDS will first become green then red or will not be on at all.




Network testing

  • Flashing port LED to lpcate a hub or switch port
  • Ping test and packet lpss detection
  • Support static and DHCP dynamice IP configuration
  • Net sacn to verify active host quantity in the subnet and display IP and MAC Address


  • Auto-off for power saving
  • Backlight LCD display, wasy t operate even in the darkenss.


Comprehensive functionssupport cable testing and network testing
Tone tracinglocate the cabel on DDF without sorting out cables
Net Scanfast scan all of the active hosts in the LAN
Test several cables simultaneously by selecting multi-remote ID


Trade & Market Main Markets: North America
South America
Southeast Asia
Mid East
Eastern Asia
Western Europe
Northern Europe
Southern Europe
South Asia
Domestic Market


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