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QULENO ferro fundido aço carbono lidar com panela de ferro fundido panela de esmalte com s s

US$ 16,00 - US$ 26,00 / Jogo | 50 jogos (Pedido Mínimo)
Tamanho da Folha:
20 cm
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Panela de sopa
Fogão Aplicável:
Uso geral para o gás e o fogão da indução
De Metal, Ferro fundido
Tipo do metal:
Ferro fundido
CE / UE, LFGB, sgs
Sustentável, Estocados, Não-stick pan
Lugar de origem:
Hebei, China, Humber
Número do Modelo:
22cm 24cm
Estilo chinês
LOGOTIPO impresso:

Embalagem e entrega

Unidades de Venda:
Item único
Tamanho da embalagem única: 
30X30X15 cm
Peso bruto único:
6.000 kg
Tipo do Pacote:
Tempo de execução: :
Quantidade(jogos) 1 - 1000 >1000
Tempo estimado (dias) 15 A ser negociado

QULENO cast iron carbon steel enamel cooking pot with s s handle cast iron pot
Colour:Gradient red
Specification:22cm, 24cm, 26cm

[Heat] applicable to all kinds of gas stove, stove, cooker, oven, versatile and practical.

Enamel saucepan same selection of high-quality enamel cast iron and imported raw materials, through the cumbersome process of multi-channel, one-piece casting machine, the real process of coated sand. Outside is graded enamel interior is black anti-dry enamel, look pretty generous. Design cover with condensation point, it is to cook stew stew, there are micro-pressure effect, not only save time, energy and does not produce acidic enamel reflect the food, made out of delicious meals, authentic. We can also dry this pot, the dregs out of porcelain phenomenon does not occur. We Each pot is handmade, complicated process, the quality of the pursuit of perfection. SGS has been through a number of quality certification examination, please rest assured purchase and use.

Enamel cast iron pots and pans, and a traditional iron pot, casserole material properties, but also has the advantage of western healthy cooking. Enamel cast iron materials for a variety of stoves and ovens, heat quickly, lasting insulation, durable, good insulation effect food; porcelain enamel surface bright colors, can be directly to the table, and dishes with artistic beauty people feel good, reflect master's high quality of life, is to give as gifts culinary hospitality choice. Pure iron Another big benefit is that it will release small amounts of iron in foods, long-term use of health benefits, so iron deficiency anemia suggested more use of the wok.

1, more suitable as enamel pot stew pot, soup and stew, but also more suitable for uniform heating of the heating medium. Do not add cold water (especially cold winter indoor water) at high temperatures, because the enamel cold and hot temperatures may cause small probability pan coating damage. Such as the need to add water stew stir fry, we recommend using warm water.

2, it is recommended to use a wooden spatula or silicone spatula (high temperature), do not use a metal spatula to make it easy to destroy unsightly pot surface.

3. Do not deliberately dry enamel pot. Enamel cast iron pot white Liner: water-loving, more suitable for soup, porridge, cooking; taboo: dry, do not scrub with steel wool, not heavy bump; enamel cast iron pot black liner: Hi oil, suitable for salted, claypot, do some dark food, used to use a dry cloth, easy to put things in a long time. Black enamel more resistant to heat than the white enamel, pots and pans during cooking make sure that there is always water or oil.

4. There are stubborn scorched pot, can add a teaspoon of salt in a pot or in the water add vinegar and cook for 5 minutes in boiling water, it can easily eradicated. Avoid brute force scooped up with a hard object, improper handling may damage the internal enamel layer.

5, the use is recommended to use small fire, small fire because iron good thermal conductivity can cook delicious food.

6, if you accidentally cause cookware damage, please do not worry in use. Enamel pot harmless, non-toxic, and health worries

7. Do not let the pot with this microwave oven, since the microwave oven is generally not use metal utensils (except apparatus can use cast iron)

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Q1: Are you a factory or trade company? Is it possible to visit factory?

We are manufacturer, welcome to visit our factory at any time.

Q2: What’s Warranty?

Two years warranty.

Q3: Sample order available?

Sample is available; what’s more, further changes are acceptable.

Q4: Making customers’ own Logo is available or not,

Yes, it is available; please supply your logo before producing.

Q5: Customized tent is acceptable?

Yes, it is acceptable.

Q6: Terms of Payment?

There are T/T, L/C, and Western Union. PayPal is only for sample.

Q7: Lead Time?

25-35 business days, depends on order qty.

Q8: Price & Shipment?

Our offer is FOB Tianjin Price, CFR or CIF is acceptable also, we would assist our customers to arrange shipment.

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Cellphone: 86-18631190983  skype: foodmachinesupplier

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