vários canais e interface Modbus gprs telemetria data logger modem

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Hong Kong S.A.R.
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Telemetria gprs modem
MB de memória 4 logs
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GPRS Upload
Sensor de temperatura
Metal, à prova d' água
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Analógico e Digital
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1000 Set/Sets per Month
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multiple channels and Modbus interface gprs telemetry modem data logger



It is a GPRS Modbus Data Logger with programmable I/O.
Its built-in UPS feature providing user alert of AC power loss.
During power loss, operation is backed up by internal rechargeable battery.




* 2 Temperature Sensors (max.)
* 1 Humidity Sensor
* 8 Analog Channels (max.)
* 10 Digital Inputs
* 4 Pulse Channels
* 4 Relay Outputs
* Modbus RS485 Interface
* 16 Modbus Data Registers
* 32GB SD memory card slot

Its internal 4MB memory logs ~30000 data records, and expandable to 32GB with SD card.
Data can be uploaded to server as fast as 5 seconds interval, or 24 hours to save power.
Progammable data logging interval starts from 1 minute up to 24 hours.




1) Real Time GPRS and SMS Data Upload
2) Integrated 16 bit MCU & Siemens GPRS Module
3) Programmable data input type & alert hi/low
4) Programmable Data Upload Interval & Logging Interval
5) Easy setup via USB port by PC software
6) Remote Setup by SMS or GPRS
7) RS485 Port support data capturing in Modbus protocol
8) Support Dynamic Domain Name or Fixed IP, and UDP/TCP protocol data transmission
9) Flexible AC/DC power with internal battery backup




Free Software:
[1] Setup software is bundled for routine configuration via SMS remotely, or via USB port locally
[2] Centre software is also provided for receiving data via GPRS.
[3] Smart Client Lite app (Windows, iPad, Android) is free for user friendly graphics data display






* water pipes network real time monitoring - water in and out temperature
* oil/gas pipes network, pump stations
* underground water level real time monitoring
* environmental monitoring system - wind/temperature/humidity/CO2/pressure
* remote Industrial equipment monitoring
* rural equipment monitoring e.g. power plant, antenna tower
* measuring equipment data capture and report via SMS/GPRS
* food chain, storage, transport industry, building management
* agricultural, farming, laboratory, medical industry




Product specifications

Product  Model


Multipoint Temperature

4 x temperature sensor

Product Feature

8 Temperature Sensors , portable

Sensors (max.)

2 Temperature Sensors

Operation Rating

80mA (data transmission)

Multipoint Temperature

4 x temperature sensor

Operating Voltage

2.6~3.6V DC

Temperature range

-55 ~ 125 C

Analog Channel

4~20mA, 0~5VDC

Humidity Range

0 - 100%RH




Metal Case

13 x 17 x 3 cm

IP67 Aluminum Case

28 x 20 x 9 cm

IP65 PVC Case

22 x 15 x 5 cm






Company Information


Easemind Technology Ltd. is established by a team of engineers and programmers specialized in industrial and telecommunication fields.

We have been in business of hardware and software development of wireless data logging devices and industrial telemetry equipment since 1989.

The business and marketing concept of the company consists of:
• Development according to the actual market needs and customer demands,
• Utilization of reliable, trust-worthy and right-to-the-edge technology,
• Turn-around product delivery and service fulfillment within time limits,
• Cost-effective solutions: the right price for the right product, and
• One Stop Solution of hardware, software and user applications

EASEMIND is now a group of companies specialized in RF wireless sensor & mobile data tracking devices for consumer and industrial sectors. Our sales offices are located in US, Hong Kong and China with manufacturing facilities in Zhejiang and Shenzhen, China.


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