Temperatura constante de aquecimento elétrico de laboratório forno de secagem

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US$ 420,00 - US$ 500,00 / Jogo | 1 Jogo/jogos (Min. Ordem)
relatório de Atividades Suspeitas
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Laboratório de equipamento de secagem
Número do Modelo:
Série DHG
Lugar de origem:
Jiangsu, China
Nome do produto:
Secagem forno com convecção forçada elétrica/ar Quente que circulam forno
Fonte de Alimentação:
220 V 50Hz
Temp. Controle:
RT + 5-300 ℃
Temp. Flutuação:
0 ~ 9999 min
Capacidade de fornecimento
Capacidade de fornecimento:
10 Set/Sets per Week
Embalagem e entrega
Caixa de madeira
Usually Shanghai,Ningbo
Product Description

Electric Heating Thermostatic Blast Drying Oven 1100W use air conditioning method to force inner circulating ventilation and balance temperature control. It is mainly used for sample drying and offering needed laboratory temperature environment. It is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, laboratory and scientific research units for the purpose of drying, baking and wax melting, sterilization.

1. Streamline arc design pioneered by the shell is cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spray;
2. Liner are made of stainless steel, semi-circular square design is more convenient to clean;
3. Tightness of the chassis door completely arbitrary regulation by the user, the overall shape of the silicone rubber door seals, to ensure high vacuum chamber;
4. Rectangular structure of the local studio, so that the maximum effective volume, with steel doors, bullet-proof double glass door, so that training materials allow users to observe the studio at a glance.

1. Microcomputer ordinary type; Model: 101-2
2. Power supply voltage: AC 220 V ± 10% / 50 Hz ± 2%;
3. Temperature range: RT +5 ℃ -300 ℃;
4. Temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃; Temperature fluctuation: ± 1 ℃;
5. Temperature uniformity: ± 1 ℃; Input power: 1500 W;
6. Liner size (mm): 450 * 500 * 550 (Stainless steel);
7. Dimensions (mm): 840 * 630 * 735;
8. Carrier bracket: 2;

9. Timing  range: 0 ~ 9999 min.

Packing & Delivery

carton box

wooden box


1. Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
Our company is an integrated set of manufacturer and trading company. Almost all the products are made by ourselves which means customized product is available. We also provide products like clean bench, glass instruments, test chamber made by our partner company. If you can not find the product you need on our website, you can consult us.

2. What is the delivery time?
Usually within 7 days after payment. It depends on the amount and the season. Please forgive us if your order were delayed.

3. How do you delivery your goods?
We often delivery goods by sea ,also by express like EMS,FedEx,UPS if necessary.

4. Do you have any distributor or partner company overseas?
We do no have any distributor or service center overseas currently. We are looking for the quality distributors and partner company from all over the world at present.

5. Can we visit your factory?
People who is willing to establish a partnership or business relationship with us are always welcome and we will also prepare for everything in advance if necessary.

6.What is the warranty?
The warranty is one year from the date of commissioning qualified. Artificial damage is not covered in warranty. If you meet any problem while using the machine, connect us immediately and we will offer you the best solution.

7.Can your product be used to do …? Is the application of your product including…?
We only guarantee that the product can meet the requirements of the parameters and common usage. Whether it can be used for other usage remains to be proved.

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Our company was established in 2010, covers an area of 1800 square meters, has more than 30 employees, with annual sales of over one million US dollars

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Our manufacturing facility including steel plate shearer , driller, puncher, angle bender,polisher and so on .Our main material is stainless steel.Almost 90% of our products are made of it. 

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