industrial smelting electric arc furnace (eaf)

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Ladle refining furnace is one of most-Widely used equipment for secondary Refining of liquid steel.  The product of Taoyuan Metallurgical Equipment Engineering Co.,Ltd  (hereinafter as TYMEC, China)Consists of two kinds, i.e ladle reheating furnace (hereinafter as LF) and  vacuum degassing plant (hereinafter as VD), their metallurgical functions are for refining the primary liquid steel from Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)  or from Converter by means of dedicated ladle and  / or vessel  to produce top quality steel.


We are experted in :

Turnkey project for complete equipment to electric steelmaking ;

Environmental engineering for electric steelmaking process ;

Provide complete solutions for L1 and L2 computer control Revamping and upgrading to existed equipment.



The ladle furnace is used for arc heating ( temperature trimming ), deoxygen, desulphurisation, trimming control of chemical composition (by means of addition of alloy materials),as well as morphology modification of inclusions (by means of cored wires feeding) to liquid steel under the conditions of atmospheric or slightly positive pressure, argon stirring and shielding by foaming slag.  Through research and development for many years , Xian Taoyuan Metallurgical Equipment Engineering Co.,Ltd ( here-in-after as TYMEC) had advanced a number of patents,  such as  new type ladle refining furnaceautomatic control of argon Blowing lswc cables with rotary joints and oxhead type lifting mechanism of roof, etc.

The outstanding features of TYMEC ladle refining furnace are as follows:

Change-over of refining position may be carried by electrodes swinging or by driving ladle car,

which is preferred by users demand;

Lifting up / down of furnace roof may be carried by bridge frame-chain driving or by oxhead lifting mechanism, which is preferred by users like:

The service life of furnace roof,  welded with heat-resistant seamless steel tubes in tube-to-tube shall be over 3000 heats;

The conductive electrode arms, welded with steel clad by copper plate are to be used and therefore the reactance of electrode arm decreased and the input(active) power to LF increased;

Arrangement of high current conductors are designed as triangular configuration in space, and

therefore the asymmetrical degree of three phase reactance on secondary circuit decreased;

The L1.5 level computer control system is applied and, the possibility for extension to L 2 level has been considered.

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