Industrial Gabinete De Jateamento/Jateamento Quarto/Cabine Areia

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$15,000.00 - $110,000.00 / Jogo | 1 Jogo/jogos (Min. Ordem)
Número do Modelo:
Suporte Frete marítimo
Tempo de execução::
Quantidade(jogos) 1 - 1 >1
Tempo estimado (dias) 45 Negociável
relatório de Atividades Suspeitas
Visão Geral
Detalhes Rápidos
Lugar de origem:
Shandong, China
Tipo da máquina:
Jato de areia
Limpeza crítica / Livre de resíduos, Inibidor de corrosão / ferrugem
CE, ISO8001
Descalcificação / decapagem
Processo da limpeza:
Granalha de aço, granalha de aço
Tipo da limpeza:
Tiro máquina de sopro
Indústria usada:
Grande estrutura, caixa de peças fundidas, grandes peças
Metal / Bobina
Poder (W):
De acordo com a sua peça
Dimensão (L*W*H):
De acordo com a sua peça
Serviço After-sales proporcionado:
Projeta disponível para prestar serviços de manutenção no ultramar à maquinaria
Blue, white or as your request
Capacidade de fornecimento
Capacidade de fornecimento:
100 Set/Sets per Year
Embalagem e entrega
O recipiente padrão da exportação pacote
Qingdao port, China
Tempo de execução: :
Quantidade(Sets) 1 - 1 >1
Tempo estimado (dias) 45 A ser negociado

Industrial Blasting Cabinet / Sandblasting Room / Sand Booth

Product Description

Antai Q26 series sandblasting chamber is widely used in ship industrial, military and construction machinery , petrochemical machinery, hydraulic machinery and bridge components , machinery and other locomotives of large metal structures, suitable for sand-blasting and shot peening front surface coating strengthening treatment . After sandblasting able to completely remove the workpiece surface welding slag , rust , oxide skin , oil, etc. , to improve the surface adhesion of the coating to achieve long-term preservation purposes. Furthermore, for shot peening treatment, the surface stress of the workpiece can be eliminated to improve the strength of the workpiece .



Professional SolidWorks 3D design team to serve you, support drawing review with customers, adequately satisfy requirement of customers.

Adopting a new scraper conveyor to collect abrasive, shallow foundation pit, lower foundation cost. Scraper transmissions have fewer faults, simple maintenance, stability and reliability.

Spraying guns sand blasting and air jet switch adopt wireless remote control, with frequency stability, high feasibility, 100 meters control distance, low power consumption, high sensitivity.

Quality and popular CHNT/Delixi/ Schneider/Siemens/Omron PLC brands. The whole system assembled by ourselves to guarantee quality.

Wide application, Easy to install and use.

Exquisite appearance (mature craft).

Large factories, experienced manufacturer, Prompt delivery.

Over 10 years' production experience.

CE certificate assure you our quality.


Pictures for reference



1 Sand Blasting cabinet

Chamber main body made of square tube and compound rock wool insulation board, framework welded by square tubes and lined by 5mm wear resistant rubber panels, safety doors and manual hinged doors on the side of blasting chamber. Air supply outlet on the top, exhausting inlet on the bottom and air inlet on the other side of roof, this structure can efficiently prevent dust, enhance visibility and improve labors' working environment. Grid plate and wear resistant protective plate on the top of blasting chamber. Safety lighting system on the pit.


2 Sand Blasting machine

l   One set of continuous spraying gun with USA CLEMCO technology .

l   Automatic control, and commands sand blasting or air blasting on the nozzle. Eliminates float ash by air                blasting after sand blasting .

l   Steady and strong jetting force to guarantee uniform and high quality metal surface treatment .

l   Temperature controlled protective mask

l   Durable and efficient CLEMCO abrasive valve, efficiency, safety and long service life.

                  Spraying guns sand blasting and air jet switch adopt wireless remote control, with frequency stability, high                   feasibility, 100 meters control distance, low power consumption, high sensitivity. Workers are easier to                         operate and avoid the possibility of damage to the pipeline due to harsh conditions.

3 Abrasive Reclaim System

The system includes following parts: bottom scraper conveyor, bucket elevator, separator, abrasive feeding gate valve and abrasive feeding pipelines. And each part has an interlock.

3.1 Bottom Scraper Conveyor

Adopting a new scraper conveyor to collect abrasive, each scraper is driven by a pneumatic cylinder. the depth of foundation is roughly 300~400mm, in this case the cost of the foundation can be reduced by 70~80%. Scraper transmissions have fewer faults, simple maintenance, stability and reliability.


3.2 Screw Conveyor


l   The entire screw shaft is machined after welding to guarantee the concentricity of spindle of two end sides.

l   The sprial blade adopt higth strength low alloy steel which is better than other                                                      competitor's ordinary carbon structural steel.

l   Special structure effectively prevents sand from going inside the bearing.

3.3 Bucket elevator

The bucket elevator lifts the abrasive into the reclamation unit.  The spherical drive and return rollers assure an always centric of the bucket elevator belt.

3.4 Separator

Advanced three-level full curtain flow heavy hammer automatic adjustment type separator introduced by Swiss+GF+DISA technology.

4 Dust collector

The purpose of the ventilation system is to remove fine particles from the air of the room and secure visibility in the room during blasting and painting.

Different types of dust collectors(filter cartridge type, bag type ) meet customer's  requirements.

5. Electric control system

Quality and popular CHNT/Delixi/ Schneider/Siemens/Omron PLC brands. The whole system produced by ourselves to guarantee quality.

Packaging & Shipping

 Equipment painting completed before delivery, and then wrapped with stretch film,avoid  rubbing the paint off the surface,wooden packaging can be customized, key parts, such as electronic control box,will be wrapped by shockproof packaging materials, and then packed in wooden cases.

There are 15 experienced engineers and 108 skilled workers in our company, guaranteeing delivery ontime as stipulated in the the same time,the company established a long-term  cooperative relation  with  cosco,for ensuring the goods arriving port on time.



Our Services


What service antai can supply?


1: Our engineers can design according to customers' requirements,and send to customers for confirmation,  to help customers save costs.


2:During equipment producing,  we take pictures for the production schedule, and send to  customers to track progress .

3:  After the goods shipped , we will send original documents to customers, such as packing list, invoice, certificate(CO,Form E,Form F,Form A,Form M,etc), B/L.

4: Foundation drawings,  installation drawings, operating manuals, maintenance manuals and parts drawings in Enlish can be provided freely.


5:We can send engineers to overseaas  for installation,debugging and training. customers'  operators and  maintenance  workers for free.


6:About the spare parts, we have a set of after-sales service system,each customer will get an ID, customers can log in to this system to see all the information and parts of the equipment purchased by themselves.  providing 24-hour online consultation.

Company Information

1.        ♦  Founded in 2003, 10 years experience for making shot blasting machine. 
♦  A group company,having real estate, machinery and leather bags industry.
♦  Eight experienced engineers to consider every possibility for customers. 
♦ Three of them has over 25 years knowledge of shot blasting technology. 
♦  3D software for auxiliary design. Show every design details in front of you. 
♦  Experienced technicians for production, installation, commissioning & service.
♦  ISO 9001:2008 certified company,
CE certificate assure you our quality.

♦  All machining parts out sourced from professional CNC machining company with strict quality control procedure.
♦  Own foundry to produce special material spare parts for our machines.

Our products have already obtained seven patents


If the machine is not suitable for your workpiece, please tell us the following information:  

1)     What kind of workpiece will you clean?  

 2)    The size of workpieces(length, width and height of maximum  workpiece,Length, width and height of minimum workpiece?)   

 3)     How many  the weight of maximum and minimum workpiece?  

 4)     Please tell us your requirement cleaning efficiency?    


According to your requirements , the most reasonable machines can be


designed by our engineers .




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