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Macaco hidráulico, tomada de piso, tomadas de Carro

  • 1-11 Peças
    US$ 32,86
  • 12-23 Peças
    US$ 31,20
  • 24-71 Peças
    US$ 30,20
  • >=72 Peças
    US$ 29,60
Capacity (Load):
1-10T 11-20T
Max Height:
hydraulic jacks max height 450mm
Min. Height:
hydraulic jacks mim height 135mm
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Macaco (carro)
Macaco hidráulico
Certificação CE carro jacks
Lugar de origem:
Harsonpol tomadas carro
Número do Modelo:
11-20 T tomadas carro
12 meses
Material carro jacks:
Máquinas de aço jacks
OEM máquina jacks:
Sim suporte todos os tipos de tomadas
Min Altura mechnical aço jacks:
135 milímetros mechnical macacos
Applicatin tomadas carro:
Ferramentas de Reparação automotiva
2 ton jack carro hidráulico jack assoalho do carro:
Alta resistência 3500LBS jack carro elétrico
Capacidade hidráulica jack:
2-100 t carro jacks
Ton Heavy Duty jack Carro:
Portátil Manual Hidráulico Jack Assoalho Do Carro
Scissor o Elevador Rápido Jack Bonde:
Carro hidráulico garrafa long jack fabricantes
Carro Elétrico Jack para SUV:
Elevador do carro Jack Carrinho Hidráulico Jack Ar
Carro elétrico Jack Macaco Hidráulico Pequenas:
Carro Elevador Jack Jack Chão

Embalagem e entrega

Unidades de Venda:
Item único
Tamanho da embalagem única: 
57X22X13 cm
Peso bruto único:
13.500 kg
Tipo do Pacote:
Paletes, caixas de madeira, Pacote padrão da exportação .. (Tamanho da embalagem: 224x73x70 cm; 144/180pcs para 1 * 'recipiente) ou de acordo com as necessidades do cliente, 2 ton HIDRÁULICA EMPILHADEIRA caminhão de pálete da mão. nós temos o caminhão de pálete da mão, ímã permanente lifter, talha, bloco da alavanca, Empilhadeiras, semi-empilhador elétrico, empilhador elétrico, empilhador manual, guincho mão paleteira hidráulica mão ..... Se você precisar deles, entre em contato comigo por favor. EU desejo que nós temos uma boa cooperação.
Tempo de execução: :
Quantidade(Peças) 1 - 2000 >2000
Tempo estimado (dias) 15 A ser negociado

low MOQ Truck Automatic car hydraulic bottle jack

1. Classic Type Hydraulic Jack.

2. Capacity form 2Ton to 100Ton.

3. High quality with most competitive price.

4. Tested to 150% of rated capacity keep it is safety used.

5. Used for automovive, industrial, agricultural, marine recreation and construction applications where lifting, pushing, spreading, bending, pressing or straightening is required.

6. All models work in upright or horizontal position where strength is required.

Product NameSizeCapacityMax. HeightMin. HeightN.W.G.W.Packing SizeQty/Ctn
Farm Jack48inces3ton1070mm155mm14kgs15kgs124*24.5*14cm1
  • Features:

    1. Security:

    The structure with strong resistance to heavy-duty makes sure its long service life;

    Large bottom cushion support cylinders ensure smooth performance of work;

    Round wheels for easy transport, mobility and job placement;

    When the pump is not working or damaged tubing, the pressure check valve to provide self-locking to ensure safe operation;


    Tanks and pumps is easy removal, can be easily used for other occasions or repair;


    2. Easy to use: Click here car jack all kinds of jacks

    Low body height, suitable for narrow space applications;

    Rod effective stroke is high, excellent lifting height is more convenient to work;

    Ground clearance is low, the rough road to adapt to a variety of walking;

    Light body weight, easy to move or operate in various work-yard;


    3. Using industry and case:

    Mobile hydraulic lifting jack is compact and easy to move, for train locomotives or railcars, mining machinery and heavy lifting equipment maintenance.

Our Services

Mini car jacks hydraulic bottle jacks

 Pre-Sales Service
* Inquiry and consulting support.
* Photos&Videos for your order before shipment.
* View our Factory.
After-Sales Service
* Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine.
* Whole life-time supply for spareparts.

The following items are optional:
Tires: Pneumatic and Solid tire
Color: Yellow,red,orange, green, blue or customized.
Mast: Standard wide-view 2 stage mast, wide-view 2-stage full free mast, wide-view 3-stage full free mast.
Motor: AC/DC

We have mini crane,forklift machinery,industrial pallet truck,  wire mesh panels,hand pallet truck,permanent magnet lifter, Chain hoist, lever block, Stackers, semi-electric stacker, electric stacker, manual stacker, hand winch.....We have more than 10 years experience. Best service, Best quality.
If you need them, contact me please.
I wish we have a good cooperation.

Hebei Huasheng Boyuan Trading Co., Ltd is incorporated in Hebei, China, located in the 

Science Park of Hebei university of technology, specializing in designing and manufactur

ing heavy machinery.

Car Jacks Touch get a free surprise
Through years of our effort, the business scope has expanded from inland manufacture 

to international trade and the products are sold to overseas marks for more that 20 co

untries and regions in the past 10 years.
The main products we can supply are as follows:
Hand pallet truck, manual stacker/forklift, semi-electric forklift, permanent magnetic li

fter, chain hoist, lever block, miniature vehicle-mounted crane, etc.   
In this fastmoving market,we always persisting “Quality first, Credibility first,Service 

first” our excellent product quality and good service have won great reputation all over

 the world.
Sincerely welcome all our friends from abroad and home to build business relationship 

with us. 

Our team is professional, adhering to the principle of honesty, standardization and efficiency, winning the market with technology, gaining reputation with high quality, and wholeheartedly providing customers with high-quality, efficient, service and products.We have received certificates from the United States,  Germany, South Korea, Japan and other countries. Our products are qualified and of the best quality to ensure that consumers can use them safely.

low MOQ Truck Automatic car hydraulic bottle jack

1. Can you customize and design as the clients' requirement?
Flift will try its best to meet all kinds of clients' special requirements. And for new products that have not been into the market yet, we have our technical team to help the clients. All kinds of attachments such as roll paper clamp, side shifter and so on can be available. 

2. How long is the warranty of your products?
All of products are within 1 year / 1000 working hours whichever occurs earlier.

3. Can you produce the products labeled with the client's brand?
Yes, we can. Please provide us the authorization of the brand, so we can supply the product to you on an OEM basis.

4. What's the terms of payment?
It’s our practice to accept payment by T/T 30% deposit, 70%


5. What's your procuct ranges?

We can supply the following product for you: Diesel Forklift; Electric Forklift; LPG Forklift; CNG Forklift; Electric Pallet Stacker; Electric Pallet Truck;Rough Terrain Forklift;Hand Pallet Truck; Side Loader; Three Wheel Forklift.

We also can provide attachment for you, for example, paper roll clamp; bale clamp/pulp bale clamp; carton clamp; push/pull; pushoff; rotator; block clamp; drum clamp; fork clamp; fork positioner; fork extension; side shifter.etc.


6. Can i choose the lifting height?

Yes, you can. we have three types of mast: wide view mast; wide view 2-stage full free mast; wide view3-stage full free mast.

The lifting height is from 3m to 7m, please chat with us for details and price.

Contact Us: low MOQ Truck Automatic car hydraulic bottle jack

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