Fita auto-adesiva da folha de alumínio de boa qualidade

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US$ 0,80 - US$ 2,00 / Folha | 1000 Folha/Folhas (Min. Ordem)
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Folha de alumínio
Lado adesivo:
Face Única
Borracha, Silicone
Tipo adesivo:
Cola Quente
À Prova D'Água
Impressão do Design:
Nenhuma impressão
Lugar de origem:
Guangdong, China
Número do Modelo:
0.05mm x mm x 10 38 m ou (ou Personalizado)
A espessura do produto:
0.05 milímetros
Película de superfície:
Papel da liberação branco.
Selar o lado de materiais de isolamento de Som
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ISO9001: 2008
Capacidade de fornecimento
Capacidade de fornecimento:
100000 Sheet/Sheets per Month Good quality aluminum foil tape
Embalagem e entrega
50 pcs/em uma caixa forte.
Product Description

 Heat resistant Sealing Tape / aluminum foil tape


Size: 0.05mmx38mmx10m It is used sealing the interface of Kaladin sound insulation material and keeping the interface clean.


Aluminium Foil Tape has  excellent resistance against chemical corrosions due to the protection of a thin layer of aluminium oxide which coated on the surface of aluminium foil carrier.   




1. Thickness: 30 Micron; 50 Micron;60 Micron
2. Width: 3.8CM / 5CM/10CM ......please tell your request

3.Length: 10Meters  /20 Meter /30Meters. 

4. Adhesive: With One side strong adhesive glue.


Advantages of Aluminum foil tape                                                                                                         

Excellent Stickiness performance;

Good heat insulation ;


Application Area                                                                                                                                           


• Specially used for sealing and fixing of pipelines in refrigeration as well as heating equipments

• Used for sealing board, panel, block or pipe joint for construction-and-assemblage operations

• Widely used in auto motive, household electrical appliance and suitable for fibreglass duct wrap

• Ideally for air conditioner, thermal insulation engineering, hardware tool as well as hot stamping

• Ideally used in Air Conditioner Industry, Refrigeration & Freezer Industry, Automotive Industry, Electronic Industry 


Technical data:                                                                                    


Technical data:


1. Thickness : 



4. Length

5.Adhesive Side :

6.Temperature range:
7.Packed with Carton  




30 Micron; 50 Micron;60 Micron 
3.8CM / 5CM/10CM ......please tell your request 
10Meters  /20 Meter /30Meters. 
Glue Adhesive 

Celsius -40 up to 130°
50 pcs / gift box

Sealing Car sound insulation materials Side 

 KALADIN  / no Logo 



Company Information

 Guangzhou Xing Hang Insulation Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer& supplier for the sound insulation material for more than 13 year, and has obtained ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification.

    In order to ensure the quality of the goods, our professional technical personnel and laboratory control the raw material and the quality of production strictly;


Substrate: all use the top-level material and all the raw material are required to pass a quality inspection before warehouse- entry. 

Semi-finished products: each process is in strict accordance with ISO-9001 standard, many indexes number of the product are meet the requirements of customers 

Finished goods: Test each batch of products before delivering to customers.


Product Showing  


Choose G.XINGHANG , you will get:


• Best quality of butyl rubber producs and the most reasonable price.


• The most professional technical support for Sound deadning products and quick responses.


 In-time shipmentand best after-sale service.


 Welcome to visit us! If you have any interest on our products, please feel freely to contact us!


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