Totalmente de automação de grande porte multi-span estufa de vidro com sistema hidropônico para crescendo tomate alface e morango

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Estufas Agrícolas de Multi-Extensão
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Shandong, China
O plantio de Hortaliças
Capacidade de fornecimento
Capacidade de fornecimento:
650000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Month
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Qingzhou Hanyang Greenhouse Project CO., Ltd.

Company Information

QingZhou Hanyang Greenhouse Project  Co., Ltd. was registered and founded on June 2006,

After more than a decade of development,with advanced design concepts and production technology, strict and standard production technology and professionally fast installation, we have won the great domestic and international market with reputation , due to expanding market demand, in 2016 Qingzhou Hanyang Greenhouse Project Co., Ltd. was registered and founded, the company specializes in the service and development of ecological agriculture greenhouse, agriculture greenhouse for organic vegetable growing , traditional green agriculture with greenhouse , greenhouse for natural organic agriculture, agriculture greenhouse for pure natural green ecological agriculture and so on with continuous efforts pursuit of excellence in the design, manufacture and installation of greenhouse projects. The team of engineers is now 6, all have more than 10 years’ experience in the design and construction of greenhouse projects; the installation team of more than 200 people, all with fast and professional installation skill in greenhouse projects, sales team 6 people now, we can provide you with all the greenhouse project engineering overall design and constructive opinions .As a complete agriculture greenhouse manufacturer and supplier and contractor , quick desin , quick supply and quick construction is our advantage;

Company's business scope:

Ecological agriculture, organic agriculture, intelligent greenhouse project, the general contracting of greenhouse projects, eco-restaurant general contracting, soilless cultivation, seedling cultivation and planting technology; with efforts of long-term focus on agriculture greenhouse project, we can provide the complete design proposal according to geographical environment and climate; HanYang  company has achieved all the independent engineering contracting capacity from the design, manufacture and construction until complete delivery to customer, the main material of the project realized all independent production, the greenhouse project adapt to all kinds of climate type around the world; greenhouse types include complete intelligent greenhouse, complete Venlo multi-span sunshine greenhouse, complete polycarbonate Venlo Greenhouse, complete traditional Greenhouse, complete Flower Greenhouse, complete Greenhouse for Flower Market and vegetables, complete glass greenhouse project ,complete Greenhouse of Aquatic Animal Husbandry, complete Traditional Greenhouse of Plastic Film, all types of greenhouse project adopts Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Pipe and steel as main body Steel Structure. The company also has a professional team of design and construction of various types of high-roof, long-span, large-bay eco-restaurant as unique greenhouses project, beautiful appearance, with bright and spacious internal vision. This eco-restaurant is ideal for sightseeing tours and upscale clubs.

HanYang  company will focus on eco-organic green agricultural greenhouse project engineering contracting and organic agriculture ecological restaurant project general contracting as two main business direction, with dedication and sincerity and loyalty as our company business  principle ,with continues contribution to agriculture greenhouse as our mission and responsibility, with the spirit of dedication to pursuit to establish good relations of cooperation with customers ,to create value for the customer and create value for Han Yang company, we would be always on the road for excellente greenhouse project for agriculture.

The company now has large-scale greenhouses projects in Jiangxi, Hubei, Anhui, Jiangsu, Yunnan, Gansu, Xinjiang, Hebei, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Liaoning and other provinces in China markets ; the construction of large-scale greenhouse projects in Central Asia, South Asia, Russia, India, North America and other foreign markets have had a good performance, and sincerely look forward to your visit and communication, we will continue to open up the ecological organic green agriculture new world for you and for the world agriculture wholeheartedly.

1. Greenhouse abstract

1.1 Design principal for greenhouse design

(1) adhere to the architecture principles of science, advance and practice with up to 15 years of greenhouse construction experience, we choose all good quality greenhouse project equipment and material to realize high standard building and low-input.

(2) Adhere to proceed from reality, reasonably determine the design criteria, to realize the main equipment (column with power coating) and the main project advanced, applicable and reliable and beautifully.

(3) Adhere to improve land use, adhere to the principles of energy saving, water saving, and high efficiency, design the greenhouse in accordance with reasonableness, science, and applicability.

(4) Adhere to the principle of local conditions(summer temperature and winter temperature-40℃), design the greenhouse combined with the local climatic conditions and planting requirements.


1.2 greenhouse engineering building size






As per drawing

Span no. of each


As per drawing

span width


As per drawing

Width of each


As per drawing

Bay no. Of each


As per drawing

Bay width


As per drawing

Total length of each


As per drawing

Height of gutter


As per drawing

Ridge height


As per drawing

Inside sunshade height


As per drawing

Acre of each


As per drawing

Total acre




2 Main structure of Greenhouse 

2.1 material instruction

Steel structure material is high quality carbon steel which is in accordance with national standard. Steel parts and fasteners are processed according to GB/T1912-2002 Technical Requirements and Test Methods of Hot-galvanized Layer for Metal Coating Steel Production. Inside and outside hot galvanized steel pipes should meet the national standard (GB/T3091-93) requirements of quality products. Galvanized layer should have thickness uniformity, no burr, and the galvanized layer thickness is not less than 60um. It is factory production, and on-site assembly. The main structure column is connected by screws and welded on the foundation prefabricated iron parts; in addition to a small number of fittings, other accessories connection of greenhouse structure are installed directly by screws or Self-drilling and tapping screws. All steel pipes were supplied by the domestic well-known steel companies. The quality of the steel is in conformity with the relevant provisions of GB70088, and the warranty period of standard hot galvanized steel pipes skeleton is 15 years, but the actual service life will be more than 25 years.


2 Foundation concrete building and wall building (should be built by the buyer, the connection part should be in accordance with the drawing , then the connection work would be very quickly once the column arrive to the buyer place)

In the middle we use independent steel and concrete base for columns, bricks foundation around the base and make ring beam; around the greenhouse, make short wall with 800mm height, and around the wall, make slope for water discharge. (This is China domestic way for foundation, in this design proposal, the foundation work would be finished by buyer and also the can be finished by the seller)

This building would be built by the seller, we would send engineer to finish the complete construction with the buyer together. The entire project would be built as per the drawings, as seller side, I have considered some little modifying in the period of the construction, and then I have added more material in the supplying list for the sake of fully building material.

The greenhouse civil foundation and road

Greenhouse civil  foundation is concrete point arrangement, the necessary embedded parts and steel parts, the embedded bolt, nut will be provided by the seller and embedded part would be prepared well by the seller .


Product Description

 Overview of the complete glass greenhouse project


Type:Multi-span complete agricultural glass greenhouse project

Covering Material:glass and polycarbonate

Place of Origin:Qingzhou city, Shandong Province,China

Brand name:Hanyang Greenhouse Project

Model:Venlo Multi-span glass greenhouse Project 

Design span:9.6m;10.8m;12m


Ventilation : top door automation ventilation and side door automation ventilation combined with the wet curtain for cooling 

Shading : inside shading and outside shading according the specific climate in your place and the specific crops you are planting 

Cooling system: wet curtain and fans combined together with a specific distance between the fans and wet curtain

Heating system:hot water boiler or gas boiler or coal boiler as per the specific climate the customer requirements and the size of the greenhouse project 

Door : glass or aluminum door easily installed and flexible

Installation work: quick construction with all the necessary installation tools shipped with all building material , worker and engineer both can be send from our side

Irrigation system and hydroponic system are also can be added on ,also the harvest equipment and or necessary agricultural equipments

Greenhouse building Standard:United States Greenhouse Builidng and as per our experience and requirements of customers.







Framework structure                                                                  

The greenhouse frame is made by the materials of galvanized steel, connected by screws, bolts or suitable connecters.  Door, gutters, etc. can be equipped and the roof can be pitched roof (supported by rectangular tubes) or arched roof (supported by circular tubes).  The uprights of greenhouse is made by the rectangular tubes. 


 Optional System                                                   

Cooling system (cooling pad and fan)
Heating system (water, oil, coal heating)
Supplymentary Lighting system (philips sodium lamp)
Shading system (inside and outside shading)
Irrigation system (drip irrigation, mist system etc)
Seedbed ( movable, fixed )
Ventilation system ( roof and side windows)
Circulation System 
Control system ( control all system running situation )


 Professional container loading                        




Please contact us.


Our Services

Hanyang Greenhouse Project company provide greenhouse project design,all greenhouse building material and equipment supply and construction and installation ,we make complete greenhouse project as per your specific requirements;

How to contact me? i would provide you the professional and practical greenhouse project proposal always.


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