Fornecimento de fábrica Comercial com efeito de Estufa Agrícola

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Estufas Agrícolas de Multi-Extensão
Material da tampa:
Folha PC
Número do Modelo:
Lugar de origem:
Shandong, China
Product name:
Factory Supply Commercial Agricultural Greenhouse
PC Sheet Cover Greenhouse
Warm Reservation
Span Width:
Eco Friendly
Ventilation system:
Roof Ventilation
Hot Galvanized Steel Frame
Capacidade de fornecimento
Capacidade de fornecimento:
160000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Month galvanized light steel Multi-span Greenhouse for Agricultural
Embalagem e entrega
Embalagem e de carga em contêiner para galvanizado light steel Multi-span Estufa Agrícola
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Tempo de execução: :
Quantidade(Square Meters) 1 - 100000 >100000
Tempo estimado (dias) 30 A ser negociado
Product Description
The polycarbonate (PC) greenhouse is preferred Venlo type (also can use circular arch type), using a multi span roof, with shape of modern, stable structure, beautiful form, smooth version, remarkable thermal insulation performance, moderate light transmission rate, many rainy grooves, large span, drainage volume, strong wind resistance ability, suitable for area of big wind and rainfall.
The covering material polycarbonate hollow sheet has great characters as light weight structure, impact resistant, good load performance, and high heat retaining property, transmittance rate more than 80%, also it is durable and economical, saving 40% energy than other covering materials.
Product name
Multi-span Greenhouse
Frame material
Hot Galvanized Steel Tube
8mm PC Sheet
Gutter Height
Roof Ventilation+side Ventilation
Cooling system
Cooling Pad Fan System
Shading System
Inside+outside Shading
agricultural planting or ecological restaurant
Product display
Project system

Hot galvanized frame

The steel structure material is made of high-quality carbon steel conforming to national standards. The internal and external hot-dip galvanizing is adopted. The frame between the frame is made of galvanized bolts and self-tapping screws, with no solder joints, anti-corrosion and beautiful appearance.

Polycarbonate sheet(PC sheet)

Anti-uv layer thickness & GT;50 microns
Heat transfer coefficient 3.3w /m2.c
Light transmittance & gt;80% (New Board)
Anti-condensation treatment on the inner surface
No crack or crack was found in the impact test
Outside shading system
The outsaid shading system can block the excess sunlight outside in summer, forming shade, protecting the crops from the glare and
creating suitable growth conditions for the crops.Shading curtain can meet indoor humidity control and maintain appropriate heat level, so that sunlight diffuse into the greenhouse planting area, to maintain the best crop growth environment.
Inner shading system 
and inner warm  keeping system
The inner shading system and inner warm keeping system can improve the ecological environment of greenhouse from many aspects.In summer, the sunshade curtain can reflect part of the sunlight and diffuse the sunlight into the greenhouse to uniformly illuminate the plants and protect the crops from the glare. At night in winter, the inner warm keeping system can effectively prevent the infrared ray from escaping, reduce the ground radiant heat loss, reduce the heating energy consumption, and reduce the operating cost of the greenhouse.

Exhaust fans

1.Hot Galvanized sheet frame with coat thickness 0.17mm.
2.Special designed for the biggest efficiency, made of stainless steel by punch forming.

Cooling pad

1.Use new materials and advanced spatialcross-connection technology
2.The raw material is imported kraft paper, which has high absorption rate, water
resistance, mildew resistance and long service life
3.All use aluminum alloy frame, beautiful appearance
Our company is specialized at the products of cooling pads and fans, usually used cooperatively. The cooling pads are installed on one side of the greenhouse, the exhaust fans, the other. (The air-circulating fans are installed in the greenhouse.) The exhaust fans eject the air from the greenhouse (The air-circulating fans promote the circulation of the air in the greenhouse), negative pressure formed in the greenhouse. The air enters the greenhouse through the cooling pads, resulting in the effects of cooling, moistening and air-dedusting.

Roof window

Top ventilation: All the middle spans have two electric roll up motors and both of side spans have one electric roll up motor.

Side window

The electric rack side window, domestic aluminum alloy window frame, polyester hollow board (PC sunshine board) cover are installed outside the wet curtain, and domestic reduction motor and gear/rack drive system are adopted.
Control System
Control System of greenhouse is a kind of environmental automatic control system that is designed for the agricultural greenhouse, agriculture environmental control and weather observation, able to measure a lot of agricultural factors such as direction and speed of wind, temperature and humidity of air or soil, air pressure, rainfall, solar radiant quantity and ultraviolet intensity, etc. It can control the facilities of ventilation system, shading system, cooling system, illumination supplement, irrigation and fertilization, adjusting the inner environment of the greenhouse to the most suitable conditions.
Other project system


The gas boiler adopts the structure of three times combustion, the effect of smoke and dust removal is obvious, greatly improving the thermal efficiency, the integral heat preservation and heat insulation design you, eliminate the loss, the life span is more than 12 years, the unique process design you, meet the international Class I area environmental protection standards.

Water heating fan

The water heating fan adapts to the greenhouse heating demand of various levels and different scales, and can be widely used in flower gardening, vegetable planting, aquaculture and animal husbandry to meet the large-scale greenhouse heating demand.The product has compact structure, small base area, suitable temperature, and greatly reduces piping and fin arrangement.Thus reducing the cost of investment.

Electric heating heater

Equipped with a computer intelligent temperature controller, the customer can set the upper and lower limits of the temperature at will according to their own needs. When the upper limit is reached during heating operation, the fan will stop working immediately. When the temperature is low enough to set the lower limit, the fan will start working automatically.

Tomato hydroponic culture

Lettuce hydroponics

Strawberry hydroponic

Hydroponic System of greenhouse applies the hydroponics, which refers to the means of cultivation that is equipped with the base materials, not natural soil, when plants are in seed-breeding period and that is fixed with nutrient solutions for irrigation after they are settled, preventing the diseases due to the soil frequently used and the physiological barriers because of the salt accumulation of it and meeting the needs of plants with minerals, water, air and other conditions. The base materials can be recycled, and the hydroponics is characterized with water-saving, fertilizer-saving, labor-saving as well as great harvest and superior quality, etc.

Water and fertilizer machine

The soluble solid or liquid fertilizer mixed with the fertilizer and irrigation water will be supplied and fertilized through the controllable pipe system.

Drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation is a water-saving irrigation method that is the most rational use of water resources. It is suitable for all areas.

Micro injection system

It use high-pressure pump for irrigation by spray system, which sprays water on the crops, is a method of irrigation water for the normal growth.

Picking truck

The picking truck runs in the narrow operation channel of the greenhouse, and can realize remote automatic remote control operation at the same time.It is suitable for fruit harvesting of elevated crops such as tomato, cucumber and pepper in greenhouse
facilities, and can also be used for pruning and artificial pollination of elevated crops, etc.

Ebb and flow bench

This flood tray is made from durable, high-impact ABS plastic.The superior grid pattern and multi-level drainage channels promote fast, thorough drainage, while the multi-drain positions offer versatility in growing set-ups.It's built with stronger corners and
thicker walls all around for easy cleaning and longevity.

Mobile seedbed

1.Manual drive, easy operation and movement. High quality aluminum alloy frame.
2.The range of moving from side to side is 30cm, which can make the utilization of greenhouse area upon 80%.
3.Anti-tilt device prevent the inclination problem caused by the plants weight.

Light system

Anti glare lens,thus protecting eyesight. large heat dissipation design, saves the electricity.Chips, high brightness, good color, long service life.

light deprivation system

100% blackout 3 layer, foil top layer black middle layer white inner layer. Automated retractable light depravation system.

Circulation fan

It strengthens indoor air movement, which effectively maintains indoor temp., and the uniform humidity.
Our Case
Company Profile
Qingzhou Hanyang Greenhouse Project Co.,Ltd is A greenhouse factory focusing on providing customers with nice quality professional services.
It mainly promotes five products: glass greenhouse, PC greenhouse, film greenhouse, light deprivation greenhouse, and hydroponic greenhouse. It has comprehensive planting equipment, mature foreign trade team, and professional design team, which supports customization and provides customers with the most suitable products. Your request is our standard.
Customer had a group photo taken
1.Are you factory? Yes, we are manufacturer for types of greenhouse for 10 years. With professional engineer team for suitable greenhouse design, complete after-sale service and factory direct sale for you now! 2.How to ensure the quality of the products ? A.We are golden supplier of alibaba, goods had been exported to more than 40 countries and got good reputation in worldwide market. Long-term and mutual-benefits cooperation is our management philosophy. B.To confirm every batch goods is in good condition, our inspection department will examine and test the products thoroughly and carefully before delivery. Necessary test and certification can be obtained as your request. 3.How about packaging and shipping? A.The goods is marked according to their name and parts, accessories into carton, pipes by bundle, all goods load into the container directly(suggest you buy whole container so that we can drag the container to our factory and load well all goods). B.Shipping port is usually Qingdao/shanghai, we can arrange the shipping for you after getting your compensation. 4.Is there any instruction or manual guide installation? Yes, English manual with drawing and video shipped together with goods for guiding your installation easily.
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