DingLi Fábrica Fornecedores No Exterior Personalizado Ambiental de Biomassa Serragem de Madeira Forno de Carbonização Destilação Seca

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Air Flow
Fabricação de Carvão Vegetal de Biomassa Recurso
Número do Modelo:
relatório de Atividades Suspeitas
Visão Geral
Detalhes Rápidos
Indústrias aplicáveis:
Fabricação Planta, Fazendas
Lugar de origem:
Henan, China (Mainland)
Volume eficaz:
Dimensão (L*W*H):
12 m * 2.0 m * 3.2 m
380 V
Poder (W):
ISO9001: 2008
12 meses
Serviço After-sales proporcionado:
Campo de instalação, comissionamento e treinamento
Forno de Carbonização de Carvão da Casca do coco
Cinza, laranja ou personalizado
Host RPM (rotações por minuto):
Capacidade de produção (kg/h):
300-500 kg/h de 8
Raw material:
Serragem, aparas de madeira, casca de coco, casca de arroz, haste do algodão, palha
Forma de alimentação:
Conversão de freqüência de alimentação automática
Gabinete de controle:
Gabinete de controle automático do PLC
Equipado com:
Descarregamento da máquina de refrigeração
Status de produção:
Com a cor carbonizada exibição
Agrícola e florestal biomassa tomada de carbonização
Capacidade de fornecimento
Capacidade de fornecimento:
30 Set/Sets per Month Charcoal Furnace
Embalagem e entrega
Película protetora de plástico interno, exterior são caso de madeira ou recipiente, apropriado para o transporte marítimo de longo.
Product Description

Product Introduction

Dingli Biomass Dry Distillation Carbonization Furnace is our company's main product. It adopts advanced hot gas retorting carbonization technology to greatly increase the carbonization rate. The carbonization rate is increased from 85% to 98%, and it is easy to operate, safe and environmentally friendly. It has high production efficiency and can save a lot of energy. It is an ideal equipment for carbon, gas, oil and co-production. Multiple combined dry distillation carbonization furnaces adopt a hoisting combination structure, which greatly shortens the production cycle and improves the charcoal production efficiency by using the method of lifting and cooling. At the same time, it uses a unique carbonized flue gas (volatile oxygen and oxygen, tar, etc.) The reburning technology makes full use of the flue gas generated by carbonization. In addition to meeting the heat demand of the furnace and meeting the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, the excess flue gas can be used as a heat source for drying, saving a large amount of fuel in production and improving Corporate benefits. Carbonization does not require power, mobile production, simple and convenient operation, and is an ideal equipment for large-scale production of charcoal.

Product Application

The biomass dry distillation carbonization furnace is suitable for carbonization of different shapes of biomass raw materials such as wood, logs, mechanical charcoal, husks and bamboo.

Product Features

1) The carbonization furnace tank and cage adopts 304 stainless steel. The price will be negotiated additionally.
2) The unit price does not include lifting frame and electric hoist, denominated separately.
3) Carbonization capacity,temperature and time is decided by the material moisture content, density, particle size and carbonized depth(volatile and reserve amount).While adjust the carbonization process parameters or change the raw material, the equipment daily output will be changes.

Working Principle

Below is Drying Process:

Dingli biomass dry distillation carbonization furnace is composed by carbonization furnace body, furnace cover, inner tank, material cage, combustible gas return pipe, exhaust pipe, flue gas dust removal device, tank lifting device and thermometer.
The furnace adopts the principle of anaerobic dry distillation to remove the volatile substances in the biomass, and achieve the purpose of biomass carbonization.
Carbonization process have four steps: charging sealing furnace - preheat drying - anaerobic carbonization - cooling carbon. 

Below is Working Principle:

Charging sealing furnace is putting the biomass core rods, shells and other materials into cage. The cage is divided into two or three layers. in turn into the inner tank, cover, lock the buckle, lifting the charging tank into the furnace. Preheat drying in the furnace with wood and other fuel heating, slowly heated from room temperature to 220-250 ℃, the process time 1.2-2.0 hours (according to the material moisture content, density, particle size determines the specific heating time), and discharge the material moisture and the air in the tank.
Anaerobic carbonization is the furnace temperature to the beginning of weak yellow smoke in the smoke pipe (hydrogen and other volatile substances) discharge, that is the beginning of carbonization, recovery of combustible gas into the furnace ignition, adjust intake air, maintain the tank temperature 300-450 ℃ for 2.0-3.5 hours (according to the carbonized material density, particle size, and carbonization depth requirements determine the specific temperature and carbonization time).
When the furnace is natural flameout, namely for the end of carbonization. Cooling out the carbon is hanging out of the tank from furnace, into the cooling area of natural cooling or spray water cooling, until the inner tank temperature dropped to below 50 ℃, then open the cover out of charcoal. The total furnace temperature and carbonization time is 3.5-5.5 hours. It can complete 3-6 furnace time in 24 hours.
Exhaust gas through dust collector treatment to reach discharge standards. 3 sets of carbonization furnace in parallel use, peak shifting carbonization, which can be completely used volatile gas heating carbonization furnace, without using additional fuel.

Technical Parameters
Carbon steel, refractory
Carbon steel, refractory
Carbon steel, refractory
Except above models, we also can supply special model according to your requirements.
Packing & Delivery

Below is Dingli Group Packaging & Shipping:

Your device will be packed well in container and suit for long ocean shipping.

Below is Dingli Group Service Items:

1. According to your needs, select right model for you.
2. According to your special requirements, design customized solution and manufacture customized products for you.
3. Welcome your visit.
1. Sign contract, pay deposit, we arrange production.
2. Product acceptance.
3. Help you formulate construction scheme.
1. Assign engineer service for you on-site freely.
2. Install and adjust device, train how to operate.
3. After installation, leaving 1-2 technical staff to help you on-site production, until achieve customer satisfaction.

Company Information

Dingli Main Products

Biomass Pellet Production Line

Wood Sawdust Dryer

Cassava Residue Dryer

Brewer Grain Dryer

Slime Coal Dryer

Chicken Manure Dryer

Coconut Fiber Dryer

Coconut Coir Dryer

Beer Yeast Dryer

Below are DingLi Group Factory & Sales Team:

Below are Dingli Group Honors & Certificates & Patents:

Buyer & Project Case

Below are DingLi Customers Visiting:

Dingli Dryer Production Line has exported to over 30 countries with 300 foreign partners, such as Germany, Britain, United States, Italy, Israel, Chile, Thailand, Russia, Vietnam, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand etc.

Below are Installation Sites of Our Customers:

After reach deals, Dingli Engineer will fly to your address, install and adjust machine for you freely.
Also train you operation skills, until you are satisfied. 


Q: What is your Business Model? Trading company or factory?

A:We are a 15 years factory, all our machinery are manufactured by ourselves, factory direct sales, product quality and after-sales service can be guarantee.

Q: Can I visit your factory?

A: Yes. Many domestic and international customers visit our factory every year. Our company is located in Zhengzhou Henan province, China, you can come here by air or train.
The nearest airport is Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, and the Airport Code is CGO
We will pick you up at airport. Welcome to visit our factory.

Q: What is the Quality of your products?

A: Dingli Group products come with best quality, and our products passed CE certification, exported to lots countries around the word, such as Australia, Malaysia, India, Italy ,Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, South Africa, etc. You can rest assured with the quality absolutely.

Q. What is the Installation of your products?

A: Dingli Group has several experienced technicians with passports ready to go for installation, when installation service is needed, the client should pay for technicians' round way air tickets, food and lodging, most importantly to guarantee the technicians' safety.

Q: How long is the Warranty of your equipment?

A: Our warranty period is one year generally.

Q: What should I provide to get the suitable quotation?

A: 1.What is the raw material for the production line?
2. What is the capacity per hour you required?
3. What is the maximum input size of the raw material?
4. What is the output size and application for the final product?
You can send inquiries from this page.Once we get your answers,we can provide you the best quotation immediately.
Remarks: The price will depend on different models. 

Contact Us

In order to introduce the most suitable machine for you, kindly inform below information in your inquiry.
1. Raw materials
2. Original moisture and final moisture
3. Input capactiry, Output capacity
4. Need crush or not
5. Direct granulating, or drying after granulating
6. Heat source
Contact for more details
Email/skype: dingli04(@)dlbio-dryer.com

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