banda de cinta de cinto strapping atualização automática que faz a máquina pp embalagem corda

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Plástico processado:
Projeto do parafuso:
Parafuso Simples
Classe automática:
Lugar de origem:
380 V HZ 3 50 Fase (Personalizado)
Dimensão (L*W*H):
22 3m x 2.5 m x 2.2 m
5-10 T
CE ISO9001
Serviço After-sales proporcionado:
Campo de instalação, comissionamento e treinamento
1 ano
Raw material:
Pp reciclagem e novos
Produzir linha:
100 kg/h
Diâmetro do parafuso:
Material do parafuso:
Aço carbono
Tamanho do produto:
8-18mm & 0.7-1.4mm & personalizar
Poder instalar:
Comprimento da linha:
20-25 m
Siemengs ou da China marca
Delixi ou personalizado
Poder (W):

Embalagem e entrega

Unidades de Venda:
Item único
Tamanho da embalagem única: 
3800X250X220 cm
Peso bruto único:
10500.0 kg
Tipo do Pacote:
film and wooden box package
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automatic upgrade strapping belt strap band making machine pp packing rope

High quality produce plastic machinery pp packing belt making machine


The main advantages of our light weight PP strap making machine

1. Professional factory: We not only produce PET & PP strapping band making machine produce PET & PP strapping band for more than 23 years. We are expert to know how to design the machine rationally.
2. Reasonable Price: We produce PP strapping band making machine and PP strapping band in large quantities. Cause large-scale operation, for the same category and same quality machine, our price is most competitive, 10%-20% lower than others.
3. High output: For the same category and same quality machine, the capacity of our machine is 20% higher than others.
4. Good quality: The width deviation, thickness deviation, skewness of straps made by our machine, is 10-20% better than others.
5. Low power consumption: 10-20% lower than others.
6. Free installation & training: quickly solve after-sales problems within 24 hours.

PP light weight strap making machine produces pp light weight strap, the strap is widely used for nearly every area, such as for normal paper box packing, wood packing, pp strap woven items,electrical items, metal items, food items, money packing, etc.

Product Description

Our equipment can produce fully automatic packing belts, semi-automatic packing belts and manual packing belts, which can be used for different market demands.

How about this PP packaging machine?




Equipment applicable raw materials

PP: New, Recycled and waste pp strap crushed

PP: New, Recycled




Energy consumption



Screw material

45 #or 38CrMoAIA


     Embossing roller material



Cooling tank material

stainless steel(304)

stainless steel

What are the main configuration and technical parameters of your equipment?

Model name


Main applicable raw material

PP: New, Recycled and waste pp strap crushed

Production strip number       


Specified line speed(m/min)


Max capacity(kg/h)


Product tape type (automatic, semi-automatic, manual)      

automatic, semi-automatic, manual

Tape width          


Tape thickness (mm )          


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Company Information

Sichuan Union Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful scenery along the Tuojiang River in Ziyang, Sichuan,Acquisition of "YZJ" Machinery Manufacturing Resources and Technology for more than 20 yearsThrough unremitting exploration and rapid development,Mainly involved in plastic packaging belt production equipment, waste plastic recycling equipment and plastic products and other fields,She is a "plastic machinery as the main, plastic products, theory and practice combined", research and development, production, sales in one of the scientific and technological companies.The company has research and development department, technical department, trade department, production department, property control department, finance department and so on.

The headquarter of the company consists of provincial enterprise technology center, quality center, production center, assistant engineer of the company and senior engineer personnel. The proportion of undergraduate degree and above is 62.8%.


Company size in the domestic peer enterprises in the forefront, the company covers an area of nearly 70000 square meters. Mainly involved in plastic machinery, plastic products, industrial parks, international trade, renewable resources and other fields, the annual output value of hundreds of millions of yuan, is a "plastic machinery and plastic products series as the leading," set research, production, Integrated Plastics Co., Ltd.

What's the deal process?

Test equipment to factory -> confirm equipment performance index-> pay deposit-> equipment production complete performance confirmation-> to factory site operation training, to delivery-> installation and commissioning, technical guidance

1.Pre-sale service (PET packing tape sample testing, return on investment analysis, product cost budget, provide samples (freight is borne by the customer), equipment required for on-site testing to the plant)

2.Sale service (free of charge to our customers for training production management, operational skills, process formulation, machine maintenance, enterprise system management training services)
3.After-sale service (installation of commissioning equipment, training of operators, 24-hour technical consultation, maintenance of lifelong equipment (paid out of warranty), technical upgrading, long-term technical guidance, formula verification and other services)

Packaging & Shipping

1.How long is the delivery time of the equipment? 
In the case of standard configuration, the equipment is delivered within 60 working days.
2,What is the charging standard for equipment installation and commissioning?
For the first time installation and commissioning, our company only collects the travel expenses and visa fees of the security personnel. The buyer needs to be responsible for the accommodation and accommodation of the engineer.
3.Is there a charge for the on-site operation training?
4.Can your equipment be upgraded in the future? 
of course can
5.How to solve your equipment if there is a problem? How long can it be solved?
The equipment technology is mature. Under normal circumstances, as long as it is operated properly, there will be no major problems. If the customer is unable to solve the problem, based on the timeliness, first communicate with our engineers through the network. If the communication still cannot be solved, we will send the work to the customer site within 48 hours
6.If I buy your equipment, can I buy accessories for a long time?
Our wearing parts are stocked to ensure that the production is not delayed.
7.You will not be a foreign trade company without a production factory.
We are a production-oriented factory, and we have the right to export at the same time, we can export ourselves. Self-produced
8.What are the ways we pay?
Our payment methods are T/T and letter of credit. Of course, we also encourage customers to conduct transactions through the Alibaba platform's letter insurance, which provides additional protection for the first-time buyers.
9.If you are involved in this industry for the first time, please send me an enquiry, we provide an investment analysis for your reference.
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