AU-300API Petroleum Hydrometer , Petroleum Densitometer , Petroleum Testing Equipment

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Lugar de origem:
Guangdong, China
Número do Modelo:
Máquina de teste universal
Petroleum Hydrometer,Densitometer,Petroleum Testing Equipment
Testing before delivery:
Power supply:
AC 100V - 240V
Maximum weight:
Density resolution:
0.001 g/cm3
API resolution:
concentration resolution:
RS - 232
two years ;life-long maintenance
Capacidade de fornecimento
Capacidade de fornecimento:
300 Set/Sets per Month
Embalagem e entrega
Tempo de execução: :
2 days



Product Description



CE,FCC Certification!Two Years' Warranty!


AU-300API Petroleum Hydrometer , Petroleum Densitometer , Petroleum Testing Equipment


The series products according to Archimedes is the new type density and API tester that has been researched and produced by Quarrz.density,API can be displayed automatically.Function of accuracy,quick measuring,convenient,reliability.In accordance with ASTM D1298 is suitable for petroleum and energy industry.


Technical Data:
(1) API° and specific gravity have the nonlinearity inverse relation.High specific gravity liquid will show lower API°.
(2)Every tonne barrelage of raw petroleum can be calculated according to API°.
(3)Specific gravity and w/gal has the linear relation.
(4)Raw petroleum can be classify as light crude > 31.1 API°;middle distillate is between 22.3 API°~31.1 API°,overweight crude < 10.0 API°

Technical Parameter:
AU-300API density resolution:0.001g/cm3,API resolution:0.1°API,concentration resolution:0.1%
AU-120API density resolution:0.0001g/cm3,API resolution:0.01°API,concentration resolution:0.01%


  • Any kinds of petroleum liquids can be measured.
  • density,API can be read directly.
  • High precision,simple operation,stability and durability.
  • Dynamic measuring,density value can be updated along with liquid formula.
  • Function of water temperature setting and air buoyancy density compensation setting.
  • Function of buzzer warning and overload warning.
  • Including RS-232C is convenient to connect PC with printer.AU-40 can be chose to print data.
  • Equiped with special windproof dustproof cover,convenient structure,sturdy and durable.
  • Volatile liquid,corrosive liquid,viscous liquid,strong acid and strong base liquid can be measured quickly(relative accessories is available)

Measuring Procedure:
(1)Place beaker filled with sample on testing board.and deduct weight of pothhook.
(2)Make standard weight hanged on the pothpook and submerged into liquid to be tested.Density,API,concentration will be displayed.


Standard Accessories:
host,measurement plate,AU-20A standard liquid measurement
assembly.tweezer,thermometer,100g weight,windproof dustproof cover,measurement
support,power transformer.

AU-20A standard liquid measurement assembly:
two pcs of stainless steel pothpooks,two pcs of normal glass weight,one pcs of standard stainless steel weight,two pcs of beakers.

Optional Accessories:
AU-40 printer,AU-20B anti corrosive liquid measurement assembly,AU-20A standard liquid measurement assembly.


Anti-counterfeiting Announcement:

The bad and good products is intermingled on market today.Most customers had suffered a lot from the brand replacement products,shell brand products,simulation products,and transferring after-sale service products.To protect your rights,please identify seriously when choose goods.Following is the method to distinguish QUARRZ brand product.

  • Method one:Start up,machine will display in sequence:brand,model(such as QUARRZ,AU-300S)
  • Method two:After starting up,press ZERO button and B button at the same time,the machine will display in sequence:brand:model,factory number.of which information correspond to the one marked on machine.
  • Method three:Check security code that generate automatically by machine number.

Technical Specification:







API resolution



AIP range



Concentration resolution



Concentration range



Density resolution

0.001 g/cm3

0.0001 g/cm3

Density range



Measuring model

3 group liquid measuring mold be provided at the same time.can work with different standard weight

Measuring time

Around 5 seconds

Measuring method

Dynamic measuring,density value can be updated along with liquid formula.

Result display


Specific gravity measuring accessories

Aluminum alloy specific gravity shelf,aluminum alloy measuring board

Function setting

Water temperature setting,water density setting,standard measuring weights weight value and weight vaule in water setting

Measuring principle

Archimedes principle displacement method

Measuring result verification method

Distilled water verification

Output method

RS-232C standard communication interface,which is convenient to output and print data

Standard accessories

host,measurement plate,DE-20A standard liquid measuring

assembly,tweezer,thermometer,100g weight,windproof dustproof

 cover,measurement support,power transformer

AU-20A standard liquid measurement assembly:

two pcs of stainless steel pothpooks,two pcs of normal glass weight,one pcs of standard stainless steel weight,two pcs of beakers.

Optional accessories

AU-40 printer,AU-20B anti corrosive liquid measurement assembly,AU-20A

standard liquid measurement assembly

Power supply

AC100V~240V  50HZ/60HZ   Europe standard

Packing size

Length42.5 cm X width 17.5 cm X height32.5cm


Our Advantages




Packaging & Shipping

 Packing size:42 X 16 X 32cm





Items will be shipped out within 2 days upon verification payment.

Items will be shipped out via:

  • air shippment
  • International Express: DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT .it will take around 5 to 7 days to get your door given considering everything goes well.
Our Services

As leading manufacturer of densimeter,we guarantee below:

  • 100% Competitive price    we are the original manufacturer of densimeter for years, the large scale production make our products more competitive, that’s the reason we are very confident to offer the most possible competitive price for the same level testing instruments in the world.
  • High quality standards   we have the powerful professional researching and technology team to support quality;Our quality has been proved by the good market reaction for years;Our product are built to meet the industrial standards and global standards;Every instrument get checked and approved by our QC before delivery.
  • Faultless service   we have the professional customer service team to provide the one to one service for you;we can help you to enjoy the one-stop service without any worries;we have the completed after-sales service policy and quality insurance policy;we guarantee instruments for one year and life-long maintenance(Gold Purity Tester for two years)
  • Efficient logistics   we have the stable partner to help us to deliver the goods to the any corner of the worldwide shortly.Air shipment;International express:DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT(5 days to 7 days)
  • OEM service   We are the original manufacturer of densimeter,that is verified by the third party and Alibaba on site;We can provide you OEM service and print your logo on the instruments
Company Information

 Since it was established in 2002,Daho Meter has been specializing in density testing field on developing, innovating and producing. and has been devoting to provide densimeter with high precision, easy operation and good durability. Nowadays it is the most well-known professional densimeter brand in China after got great efforts for decades. It is the one can support a wideness of field including solid, porosity solid, powder, liquid., etc and other testing program related to density.

Daho Meter is the brand that has the largest market share in China, along with the best quality and the ability to provide the completed service, we are expanding the business to abroad.

Core competitiveness is the soul of brand to survive and develop. what is the utmost advantage of Daho Meter is professional, technology, quality and service. we understand deeply that the key to win market is based on the satisfaction of customers, therefore, professional technology, reliable quality and in-time service would be the necessary elements that service customers better. On the other hand, Daho Meter carry out the management philosophy completely which is “customer priority ,quality first ,service winning”and the service spirit which is “quick response, reliability, thoughtfulness”

The ability to serve and service station is the mirror to show strength of brand. as well it is the visible tool to support customers. Daho Meter pay much attention to the training staff about technology to make sure customers would get the reliable products and service. also ensure the ability to get through the whole process, such as technical consultation, business handling, installation and debugging, after-sales service., etc. Daho Meter set up 4 different customer service center around in China, they are located respectively in Dongguan, ShenZhen, BeiJing, and HangZhou. In Dongguan, we built the Testing Center in Aug.2013.All in all, what we did is to make improvement on quality service to meet all kinds of customers’demands.

As the pursue for excellent quality and considerate service, Daho Meter’s brand is getting stronger and stronger step by step through serve customers beyond their expectation. Gradually market speak well of this brand. and finally customers place dependence on it. With this kind of help, Daho Meter advance in the forefront of the density filed.

Future depends on where we stand, innovation can make dream came true. the goal Daho Meter is about to hit is to become the global leader of densimeter brand. we will stick on the professional road, keep the pragmatic and pioneering spirit,to provide support to improve analyzing testing precision for all industries and make contribute to sustainable development for society, also make our pygmy effort for “China's Dream”as well.


Brand Management Philosophy

People oriented, customers priority, quality first, service winning






Upstanding, Advancing, Innovation, Cooperation



To be the respected and professional densimeter leader.



Leading industry to improve the testing level, and to be the most advanced densimeter brand in global.


Service Spirit

Quick-respond, Reliability, Thoughtfulness.


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