Novo design de alta qualidade OEM WM160 maratona corrida medalha de metal

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De Metal
Liga de zinco
Tipo de produto:
Arte popular
Fadas, Luta & Formas
Característica regional:
Lugar de origem:
Guangdong, China
Número do Modelo:
Matt ouro
Die casting
3D Fundição polonês + + chapeamento
Esmalte macio
Fita sublimada
Mid-autumn festival de Corrida, Mid-autumn festival de Corrida
Capacidade de fornecimento
Capacidade de fornecimento:
50000.0 Piece/Pieces per Month
Embalagem e entrega
protective film + Blister bag , 300pcs/ctn, 30X26X20CM/CTN,less than 15KG/ctn,5 layers box strong enough.or can be customized packaging.

New design high quality OEM marathon running race metal medal

 Race medal Material: zinc alloy
medal craft:  Die casting
Race Sport medals plating: antique silver
Custom designs Sports Medal size : 80X3.0MM
Attach: Sublimated ribbon 900x30MM
Medals Packaging: protective film +blister bag
2020 Sports medals Carton size : 30x26x20cm/ctn, 13kg/ctn,200pcs/ctn
Medal description:









Company Information



was A  New Creative Timely Service Factory ,seted up as a comprehenstive and professional Manufacturer in Sport and Promotional metal Crafts production area,.

We're Located in DongSheng Town, Zhongshan, with more than 1000 square meters of the plant, with a full range of production equipment.


Product Description

 cheap running medals

We're specializing in the production of :

Metal Medals:Sport medals, Marathon medals(cheap running medals), triathlon medals,running medals,swim medals, Bike Medals,carnival medals

Pin badges: Lapel pins, pins, badges,metal badges,school pins, company badges, goverment badges, police badges ,souvenir pins ,promotional pins, etc.

Metal Coins:commemorative coins, souvenir coins, challenge coins, military coins, army coins,brass coins, alloy coins.

Metal Keychain : Keychain, Key chains, Metal Keychains,souvenir keychains, promotional keychains,premiums keyring gifts,trolly coin keyrings,supermarket keyrings,keychains for cars etc.

and belt buckles, bottle openers, cufflinks ,nameplates, tie clips, bookmark,fridge magnets, letter openers,paper weights, automobile plate, dog tags, bag hook metal crafts&gifts,etc

 Factory condition: running medals

A:  WOTID Sportmedals in hardware arts and crafts industry after many years of tireless efforts and persistent pursuit, with an area of 1000 square meters of factory; factory has a mold workshop, hydraulic workshop, punching workshop, die-casting workshop, polishing workshop, paint shop, quality inspection workshop mature production lines, large-scale production manufacturing capacity. In addition, we have a number of Associate Companies to provide us with excellent raw materials, packaging materials, etc..

B: professional planning and Design: the factory has a professional planning and design drawings, free planning for the design of the design of the product design and production of products, but also to sample to map. (AI, PSD, PDF, Coreldraw, JPG)

C: good quality: fine carving, advanced surface processing technology, reasonable collocation, the effect of the various technology, refine on work attitude, hundred years of technology accumulation can be fully guarantee excellent quality!

D: preferential prices: solid strength, large quantities of raw material reserves, superior geographical environment, advanced production equipment makes our factory in the production of high quality products in the peer has obvious price advantage.

E: talent management advantage: with a number of universities and colleges with high-quality talent (management, technology, business, marketing, etc.), as well as a number of professional production workers. Since the establishment of the company strictly implement a comprehensive quality management system, and continuously improve the management level and technical level of the factory.

F: rich experience in international cooperation: over the years, we have been able to the United States (general, McDonald's, etc.), Germany (Volkswagen), Europe (Chelsea, Madrid), Japan (SY, Chu style clubs, etc.) and so on international well-known large enterprises to provide metal craft gift OEM production (domestic we have for Sany, Alibaba, Taobao, Wuliangye, Amazon and other companies provide production of micro parts  running medals and other products).



Our products Marathon running medal are specific and strong price competitiveness, reliable product quality and rapid delivery capacity. We have established a good business partnership with North America, Europe, Japan and many other countries and regions in the world. The production and quality process description: specific process can be divided into: stamping, hydraulic, electroplating, paint, enamel, printing, epoxy sticker, and so on. Stamping relates to copper, iron, aluminum stamping; zinc alloy, tin alloy, aluminum alloy die casting; corrosion to copper, stainless iron, stamping products pattern, a clear pattern, plump, three-dimensional relief effect strong. Plating surface integrity, fine, uniform, color, luster, no obvious rough, blistering, burning, cracks, scratches, de layer plating defects. Paint filling parts in place not dysenteric, after manual polishing, remove the burr edge products, paint filling out the product surface smooth and there's no horizontal stroke, bubbles, trap dirt, edge neat, smooth, no burr. All of our products can be according to customer's request production different shape, logo, imitation gold plating, nickel plated, silver plated, gold, copper, bronze plated brass plated. According to the different uses of the color of the product with the pattern to change, so that customers can rest assured that consumer satisfaction. We respect every customer requirements, the adoption of each customer put forward suggestions and opinions, actively carry out improvement with innovation, customer suggestions and opinions is our precious wealth, we sincerely hope can with each client to establish a good relationship of cooperation. running medals

If you are interested in our products cheap custom medals  please connect to our website or contact us immediately for more product information and product image. cheap custom medals

We look forward to establishing a long-term partnership with you in the near future. Because we are mainly to customers like to map the price for reference only. Take the actual negotiations as the standard.

Thank You for Your Cooperation


 1. Q: Can I get product samples?

A: To obtain samples, please contact us at the following :QQ:3149182993



2. Q: Do you have a catalogue?

A: Yes we do have a catalog. Don’t hesitate to contact us to ask us to send you one. But remember that wotidcrafts is specialized in providing customized products. Another option is to visit us during one of our exhibition Shows.


3. Q: What guarantee do I have that assures me I will get my order from you since I have to pay in advance? What happens if the products you shipped are wrong or poorly made?

A: Wotidcrafts has been in business since 2007. We do not only believe that our job consists in making good products but also building strong and long-term relationship with our customers. Our reputation among customers and their satisfaction are the main reasons for our success.

Furthermore, whenever a customer makes an order, we can make approval samples on request. It is also in our own interest to get approval from the customer first before starting production. This is how we can afford a "Full After-Sales Service". 

We have set up this model in order to set customers in a position of confidence and reliability.


4. Q: How can I get a tracking number of my order that has been shipped?

A: Whenever your order is shipped, a shipping advise will be sent to you the same day with all the information concerning this shipment as well as the tracking number.


5. Q: Why can’t stainless steel be plated?

A: As general rule, it is that only Brass, Copper, Iron, Zinc alloy can be plated in our facilities.


6. Q: Is it possible to have 2 plating on the same item (Gold Nickel plating is all right?)?

A: Yes, “double plating” can be done. But, if you plan to make an order with such process.


7. Q: You are factory or trading company?

A: We are factory direct sales.


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