4 Post Carro Elevador Residencial Para O Armazenamento De Carro Serviço de Estacionamento

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Altura de levantamento (milímetros):
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Borne quatro
Elevador hidráulico do cilindro dobro
Capacidade de levantamento:
4 T
Lugar de origem:
Shandong, China
Número do Modelo:
12 meses
Altura do Estacionamento do carro:
1800 milímetros
Unidade Através de:
1950 milímetros
1500 kg
Quantidade de Estacionamento:
4 pcs
Tamanho do produto:
5850*4629*2400 milímetros
Tamanho da embalagem:
4500*900*1500 milímetros
Capacidade de fornecimento
Capacidade de fornecimento:
10000 Set/Sets per Month
Embalagem e entrega
Estrutura de aço fixo e envolvido pela película de estiramento.
Tempo de execução: :
Quantidade(jogos) 1 - 6 >6
Tempo estimado (dias) 25 A ser negociado
Product Description


PLKING Brand 4 Post 4 Car Parking Lift is developed from PLKING Brand 4 post parking lift. It's much more compact in outside size to meet the limited size of small garage. The required installing width is only 4.7m but with almost 4m width to park 2 cars horizontally.It's wonderful to park 4cars in very limited spaces.Offer customized service.

PLKING Brand 4 Post Parking Lift is one of the most popular car lift among our customers. It's equipped with electrical control system and driven by hydraulic pump station.The platform lift up and down by one powerful cylinder with strong steel ropes.Together with the protection chain and anti-friction carriage guides,you can rest assure the smooth operation and safety.Especially suitable for private family use and public building construction use.

Features & advantages:

1. Strong Steel Design.Self-standing and self-support structure.

2. Chrome plated posts with piston are anti-rust. The driving platform is made of anti-slip diamond plate.

3. Loading test: 125% dynamic load test and 175% static load test

4. Voltage:As per customer local standard

5. High performed powerful hydraulic cylinder driving system,durable steel rope and anti-friction carriage guides guarantee the smooth operation and safety.

6. Mechanical steel ropes detection will stop platform at immediately in case steel rope is loosen or cut off

7. Both Sides of Lateral guard wings will protect cars swing out.

8. Automatic shut-off if operator releases the key switch.

9. LOCK DOWN button makes platform stop on locking tabs to guarantee safety and prolong the lifetime of the cylinder.

10. Platform can be stopped at any heights to cater to various cars and roof height.

Model No.


Car Parking Height

1800mm (Its enough for parking family cars.)

Loading Capacity

2000kg + 2000kg (2pcs platform)

Drive Through

1950mm (its enough for parking family cars and SUV)


Suitable for parking and repairing cars and double space for storage

Motor Capacity/Power

3KW,Voltage is customized as per customer local standard


Italy Aston seal ring, double high pressure resin tubing, 100% no oil leakage

Rated Oil Pressure



125% dynamic load test and 175% static load test

Control Mode

Electromagnetic unlock

Middle Panel and Side Baffle


Car Parking Quantity


Loading Qty 20/40




Product Size


Packing Size



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