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3d 9 h scratch prova protetor de tela de cobertura completa para o iphone 8/8 + vidro

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Compatível Modelo Telefone:
Para o iphone 8/8 plus
Número do Modelo:
Para o iphone 8/8 plus
Telefone celular
Lugar de origem:
Guangdong, China
3D protetor de tela de vidro temperado
Raw Material:
AGC vidro do Japão
3D Curado
9 H dureza
Alta limpar
0.33 milímetros
Recurso disponível:
Anti-Bolha, Anti-Manchas, Anti-Impressão Digital e Anti-Shatter
Remoção de poeira, pano da fibra, embebida em álcool
Embalagem de varejo
Por favor note i8 ou i8 + ao colocar uma ordem

Embalagem e entrega

Unidades de Venda:
Item único
Tamanho da embalagem única: 
48X38X15 cm
Peso bruto único:
5.000 kg
Tipo do Pacote:
1 * frente protetor de tela De Vidro Temperado + 1 * Compressa Embebida Em Álcool Prep Pad + 1 * Removedor de Poeira + 1 * nota de cinco libras Clearning Pano + 1 * Botão Adesivo
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2019 Hot Selling Factory Bubble Free Screen Protector For Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Why our tempered glass so ‘expensive’?


We are proud of that :

1. Over 15 years protector manufacturing experience.

2. BSCI, BV and ISO90001 Certified Factory.

3. 18 production procedures under strict quality control.

4. Top rated supplier on B2B -- Customers’ best choice.

5. CES, Cebit, IFA, HK fair, MWC, MWCA, Canton fair.

6. Attending the most electronics events all over the world.

7. Focus on providing the protection solution all the way.

8. Our philosophy: Passion, Responsibility, Happiness, Sharing.

9. All this just for one product, one mission, one responsibility.


Product Description




Products Details:


For iPhone 8 / 8 plus

Raw materialJapanese Asahi Glass


Tempering time4 Hours
Water drop angle110°
Steel ball drop test35g*75cm
Anti-scratch defenseReal glass protector with scratch-resistant, hard-coated surface that can resist sharp objects like knives and keys.
Smooth to the touchTempered glass retains full touch sensitivity.
Incredibly clearOleophoic coating and chemically treated surface offers crystal-clear transparency.

Simple installation

No bubble, no fuzz - just a perfect fit.


Retail packageMagnetic package with non-brand accessories

Carton size/quantity/weight



 Products Images 



Why choose Dmax products ?
1). Materials:
*The raw material is the reputed Asahi Glass from Japan AGC company.(AGC is the second largest glass supplier in Japan)
As far as we know, there are many varied glass quality in the market. They are Asahi glass, Corning Gorilla glass, Chinese glass, Korea glass and Germany glass... Corning Gorilla glass and the Germany glass are the best quality in the market. Because of high price, there are few suppliers using it. If you want guaranteed quality glass, most of customers will trust Asahi glass. As far as I know, there are only 20% of Chinese suppliers using this glass. Most 80% Chinese factories use Chinese glass.
The difference between Chinese glass and Asahi glass is that they have different performance on tempering. When you drop your phone down to the floor, they will have different protection function. 
*AB glue is from Japan. 
If the AB glue is not good, it cannot be sticked for second or more times. Because when peeled off, the edge of glue will be damaged. But with our products, you can re-stick for many times and it will stay the same. 
*Anti-fingerprint oil is from Japan.
If the anti fingerprint oil is bad quality, it will be less fingerprint at first. But after 10 days or a month, there will be many fingerprints left. With Our products, it will stay the same for about 12 months.
2).R&D Team: 
We invest a lot on new model update fast.
As you know, many customers are always wanting the new models very quickly. For example, like iPhone X, we got the size data one and half months before its launch. If you order from us, and other customers in Iran order from other suppliers which provide the glass just as its launch, you will get a total one-and-half month before to get the market share. You will have more time for shipping, for advertising and marketing, for distributing to the retail stores. You definitely get more and faster market share than your competitors. That's also why we helped so  many customers from US and Europe stable their leading position in screen protectors business.
3). Production:
The CNC for the molding the glass (shaping the glass) for phone size is around 2 min 40s. It will take more time for the workers to exchange the glass and molding. Because the worker's wages are increased a lot nowadays as you know that a lot of factory is closed in China and move to India, Vietnam, etc countries for lower cost.) And the CNC drill (for shaping the glass) is very expensive and we have to replace one every 2000-3000pcs phone size glass.
Tempering time:
We temper every piece of glass for total 4 hours. If the glass is less than 4 hours during tempering, the quality won't be good. So it will take more time and labor. Different tempering time will also affect the performance of protection. Some suppliers say they will temper for 3-4 hours, but actually they will shorten the time to produce more in the same time. But from the appearance of glass, you can not tell. 
QC: We have more than 20 workers working as a QC. We inspect the glass piece by piece after every process. Many factories will mix the bad quality among good ones to sell. Also some suppliers will send you good quality for your trial order or samples, but when bulk order, they will send you the bad ones. And when you come back to them to find a solution, they are gone or closed. But as a 13-year factory, we will always be here for you anytime you need.
4). After Sales Services.:
At last but least, we have a special team responsible for After Sales Services. Every year we go the more than 10 fairs domestic and abroad, including CES(Las Vegas, US), Cebit(Hanover, Germany) and IFA(Berlin, Germany). Also MWC in Barcelona(Spain), and domestic 2 HK Shows and Canton fairs every half a year. For every fair, we will invite customers to visit our booth, so that we can talk face to face. If you have any problems or advise for us, we can help solve face to face. And we will also talk to our boss about your suggestion so that to achieve a win-win business for both of us. There are many customers keeping growing from a small business to today-They are ordering a whole container of glass. That's really a healthy business relationship if we can help each other grow stronger. 
Our Product

Company Information




Q1:Are you a manufacturer?

Answer: Yes, we are a manufacturer, founded in 2004, with 15 years’ production experience.


Q2: How many models can you supply?

Answer:We have the tempered glass for iPhone models like: for iPhone XS/XS MAX, for iPhone X, for iPhone 8/8 plus, for iPhone 7/ 7 plus,for iPhone 6/6 plus/6s/6s plus. And for Samsung models like: for Galaxy S7/S8/S9/Note 8/Note 9, and for other brand models. But also have tempered glass for PAD, PC/Notebook, etc. About 97% device model in the market can be supplied from us !


Q3: What’s the MOQ and Leading time?

Answer: In stock, 50pcs/Model, 3-5 Days for the delivery. And the trial order’s quantity is negotiable.


Q4: Which Thickness is the Best?

Answer: Each thickness do has it’s own cost performance, The 0.26mm Thickness do has the best Flexibility, the Others do have better hardness.


Q5: What’s Dmax’s retail package include?

Answer: 1*Front Tempered Glass screen protector+1*Alcohol Prep Pad+1*Dust Remover+1*Fiver Cleaning Cloth+1*Button Sticker


Q6: How about after sales service?

Answer: If any crack on delivering, we would try best to help customers to solve it, refund, resend goods, or other ways.


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