Tapete de desinfecção antiderrapante de entrada para casa de venda quente

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Lugar de origem:
Energia limpa
Número do Modelo:
CP-Mat-10 Desinfecção
Serviço de processamento:
Nome do produto:
Desinfecção Esterilização Mat
Desinfecção Interior Tapete de Entrada
Vermelho, Azul e Cinza
Uso doméstico ou Uso Comercial
Área de Material seco:
100% puro algodão
Material de Área de desinfecção:
100% Nylon
Esterilização e Desinfecção
Base de borracha


Amazon Hot Sales Sanitizing Nylon Microfiber Disinfecting Mat Rubber Base Disinfection Sterilizing Sterilizer Indoor Mats
Product Description
Technical Specifications
Blanket Material
100% pure cotton carpets
Disinfecting Area
100% nylon wide strips carpets
Rubber backing
Service Life
2-3 years
Home or House Use
Place of orign


Nylon Material and Microfiber Carpet Dual Disinfecting and Drying Area for Disinfectant Mat

1. Nylon wide stripes carpet has a good Anti-UV effect, And not easy to fade. We can put some diluted disinfectant on it to preventing virus into our room.

2. In the dry area, pure cotton material carpet can absorb water perfectly.

Main Features

1. Rubber material provide excellent comfort and support underfoot. 2. Optimizing Nylon 66 material clean the dirt effective 3. Microfiber can keep dry quickly. 4. Anti-slip, waterproof, cheaper prices, eco-friendly, no smell. 5. Easy to clean the mat.

Product Advantage

Excellent Disinfecting and sterilzing

1. Ingredients: 75% alcohol, or mixed with water, diluted 100 times is 500ppm sodium hypochlorite; if it is better, it can be diluted 50 times to 1000ppm, but the taste will be more pungent. 2. Spray: The blanket surface is flatly sprayed from the top with a distance of 50cm and the height is evenly sprayed 3. Sprayers must wear masks and gloves.

Various kind of mats combination

1. Disinfecting area: we can adopt super dust removal aluminum alloy mat, nylon wide strips and PVC loop coiled mats,etc.

2. Dry area:we can use super water & oil absorption cotton carpet to clean the shoes and mud.

Rubber Backing

1. Rubber Backing Material is very stable, has a good anti-corrosion and anti-slip effect. It can be close with the floor perfectly.

2. It can contain the disinfectant with any exudation. Easy to clean.

Exportion Photo
Our Company

Our Company Factory

Our Certifications
Packing & Delivery

1. If we travel to China to checking your facility, are you welcome?

A: Of course, why not?
We will provide the whole accompany from you landing in China. Only give us a call before your arrive. We will pick up you from the airport, living in our company's hotel, and driving by car take you visiting our company.
Warm Welcome!

2. How many sales person in your team?
A: present 8 sales, but more hands help in work, total team is 20+ workers. So do not worry, not the one person company.

3. What about the warranty?

A: We are very confident in our products, we have special quality control department who will 100% check every goods before shipment, we make sure all the goods we sent out to customers are in good condition. When customers receive the goods in 15 days, if there are broken one, please tell us and show us the detail proof so we can check and give replacement in the next order.

4. Besides the products mentioned above, what other products do you sell?

A: Our main products are whole series of different modular entrance matting, plastic flooring for garage, outdoor sports court, swimming pool and industrial floor.

5. Can you open new mould for customers?

A: Yes, customers can pay the mould cost, and we could made the mould base on customers’ design, or if there is possibility, we could made by our own cost. We welcome customers’feedback or ideas for new products, and we are also willing to develop new products together.

6. What is your normal packing for the logo mats?

A: Our normal packing is carton, pp woven bags, pallets.

7. Can you provide customized packing?

A: Yes, we could provide customized packing base on certain MOQ quantity, and if the customized packing cost is different from our regular packing, the price change accordingly.

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