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Informações básicas
Tipo de empresa: Fabricante, Trading
Produto/Serviço: Material de publicidade (Placa Da Espuma do PVC, Folha de Acrílico, Cores Dobro Folha do ABS, Vinil Adesivo Auto)
Localização: Guangdong, China
Ano de fundação: 2011
Ano que iniciou as exportações: 2004
Nº de funcionários: 51 - 100 Pessoas
Faturamento total (ano anterior): confidential
Mercados principais: Sudeste Asiático,África,Oriente Médio,América do Sul,América Central
Tempo médio para entrega: 15 dias
Perfil da empresa

Guangzhou TOME Advertisement Material &Equipment CO., Ltd. founded in July 2004, is a modern enterprise engaged in the R&D, produce and marketing of advertisement materials &Equipment. Over 10 years of development, Guangzhou Tome has developed a famous brand-"TOME" based on the strong capital and technology strength. As a famous enterprise of advertisement materials, Tome takes innovation as the foundation of enterprise development. The innovation of craft, technologies, products, management and concept can improve the management system and work flow and lay a solid foundation for the construction of strategic plan and marketing network. A good motivation system is the driving force of innovation. TOME respects all the innovations that are good for enterprise development, establishes a vigorous motivation system of science and technology development, supports and encourages innovation activities, gives full play to the initiative, enthusiasm and creativity of the staff, and inspires the innovation potential of scientific and technical personnel. Innovation depends on sophisticated equipment. "TOME" has made a large investment in introducing domestic and foreign advanced production technologies and equipment in order to transform innovation into productivity quickly, improve the enterprise profitability, launch new products and enhance enterprise competitiveness. Quality is the life of products and enterprise development. "TOME" sticks to the product quality policy of provide outstanding products and services based on excellent technologies and management, Products with Reliable Quality and Customer Satisfaction Quality products deserve the popularity. TOME has established its head office in Guangzhou, and owned agencies in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipines, Russia, Nepal, Libya, Egypt, Kuwait, Brazil etc, developed a sound sales network. The long-term development depends on talents. The enterprise competition in the information era is the competition of talents. Talents are the most important strategic resource of enterprises. In the working principle of "Honesty, Fairness, Equity, Understanding, Tolerance", it has created a vigorous work environment with complete structure, reasonable system and scientific management to give full play to the intelligence of every staff and bring them a sense of belonging. TOME believes that satisfied staff makes satisfying products, while satisfying products can satisfy customers. The resplendence belongs to the past. TOME will keep up with the trend of era and technologies and the latest information to bring a colorful life to customers and open a brand new page in the future.

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Capacidade da empresa

Capacidade de transação Sudeste Asiático : 20.00% África : 20.00% Ver mais
Capacidade de Produção Tamanha da fabrica : 3,000-5,000 Metros quadrados N. de linha de produção : 8 Ver mais
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