Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) Portable air compressor IR Diesel Portable Air Compressor (HP375WIR,HP750WCU,HP915WCU,HP1600WCU)

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United States
Ingersoll Rand (Doosan)
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55 - 11,600 cfm
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Ingersoll Rand (Doosan) Portable Air Compressor 55 - 11,600 cfm (Model  HP375WIR  HP750WCU  HP915WCU  HP1600WCU    A85  A165  A165 WITH SKID  AF1600IQ  AD85  AD165  D165  RD1600   )   



Protecting your system from bad air


The chart below shows what combination of Ingersoll Rand equipment will help you meet the required ISO class.

The Ingersoll Rand product lineup for clean, dry air


The IQ System™


Imagine a complete instrument air system that provides clean, dry, portable compressed air with no condensate waste. That’s a perfect description of our IQ System™ compressors.


IQ System compressors provide instrument-quality air without the addition of bulky, skid-mounted filter / dryer packages. These self-contained, portable compressors range in size from 300 to 1,300 cfm and offer up to 150 psi — along with features not found in more expensive oil-free compressors.


These compressors feature a lockable valve system that lets you switch instantly from instrument-quality air to standard rotary screw air. In addition, they can be used for abrasive blasting and painting one day and provide clean, drier air the next.


IQ System features


  • Rated for continuous-duty operation
  • Condensate flash system vaporizes all condensate for zero discharge
  • Integral aftercooler discharges air at only 20° F above ambient
  • Simple, lockable valving allows versatility of running the unit in instrument-quality or standard rotary screw modes
  • Redundant circuit safety shutdown system with pressure differential switches assures the proper air filtrations and indicate need for routine filter maintenance
  • Particulate size < 0.01 micron; oil / water aerosol < 0.01 ppm

A clean step above the rotary screw


IQ System compressors solve both the air quality and waste removal problems typical of standard rotary screw compressors. All of our IQ System units feature an onboard aftercooler with 20° F approach, a coalescing dual filtration system, and an exclusive, zero-discharge condensate removal system.


Our dual filter system includes built-in monitoring and safety shutdown features to assure a consistent, reliable source of high-quality air. An early warning indicator informs the operator when filters need maintenance, while a pressure differential feature senses buildup in the filters and will shut down the unit to prevent harmful levels of oil carryover.


Our patented condensate removal system injects the oil / water condensate waste into the super-hot engine exhaust, where it is flash-evaporated. This eliminates any concern about collecting, treating, and disposing of condensate waste. So whether you’re producing instrument-quality air or air for general purposes, this feature will save you time and money.


Please note: A pressure drop of 4 to 8 psi is common depending on flow, operating pressure, and ambient conditions.


Reducing water, reducing damage


Using an aftercooler and water separator can remove significant amounts of water from the air. Generally speaking, every 20° drop in temperature condenses one half the water vapor in saturated air. The compressed air leaving the aftercooler and water separator, however, is still at 100% relative humidity.


All Ingersoll Rand designs use highly efficient aftercoolers that provide an approach temperature (or CTD) of 20° F. When the air leaving the unit is only 20° F higher than the ambient temperature, you can remove significant amounts of moisture without using a dryer.


The Ingersoll Rand AF-1600 combines an aftercooler, water separator, and two large high-effiency coalescing filters to offer cooler, drier, cleaner air. This unit comes on a heavy-duty skid base and features forklift slots or lifting bail capability for easy moving.


Removing moisture


A dryer helps maintain a constant relative humidity, ensuring reliable, consistent performance in your air system.


Ingersoll Rand offers a wide range of products designed to remove particulates, oil, water, and everything else that can damage your system. With these compressors, your tools will operate more efficiently, your maintenance costs will decrease, and you’ll experience less downtime.


The right dryers for drier air


Ingersoll Rand offers the RD Series of desiccant dryers and AD Series of deliquescent dryers to provide the dry air you need.



RD Series design features


  • Mounted coalescing / particulate prefilter removes liquid moisture and oil down to 0.001 ppmw and particulate down to 0.01 ppmw
  • Fully automatic control and fail-safe system provides uninterrupted performance and safety
  • Adjustable purge rate can be selected for varying seasonal and process requirements
  • Construction-grade packaging with fork pockets and lifting eyes enables easy handling
  • Mounted particulate after-filter removes desiccant dust from drying process
  • Particulate filter removes particulates as small as 1 micron with 99.99% efficiency

AD Series design features


  • Aftercooler provides 20° F approach temperature and utilizes air-driven motor that consumes 55 to 130 cfm
  • Dryer vessels feature internal epoxy coating for long life
  • Heavy-duty skid construction with forklift channels and lifting eyes provide mobility
  • Steps and platform make it easy to load deliquescent material
  • Safety relief valve provides over-pressure protection for system and personnel
  • Two sight-glasses allow easy inspection of deliquescent levels
  • Moisture Magnet™ II is a long-lasting, premium drying tablet ideal for single-tower dryers (sold separately)
  • Dew point suppression 20° F below ambient conditions provides extra drying capability