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China( continente)
Construção, Estrada
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Embalagem: 20 kg/caixa ou como pedido


Pavement Crack Sealant


1.      TT seal series sealant is a kind of thermal sealant made from matrix asphalt, polymers, stabilizers and additives etc. with special techniques. It’s possessed of such characteristics as excellent adhesive property, low-temperature flexibility, thermal stability, water resistance, embedability resistance and ageing resistance. It is widely used for the sealing of joints on cement concrete roads, and the filling and patching of cracks on asphalt surfaces such as expressway, airport pavements etc.

2.      Clean up the granules and sundries in and around the groove before pouring, and keep the groove dry to ensure the sealant’s cohesion. The pavement must be heated if it is wet or the temperature under 5°C. And correct treatment on the groove before pouring will enhance the sealing effective.

3.      In order to ensure the sealing quality, the temperature of the sealant must be keep in 185°C to 210°C. It can be re-heated with correct operating, but it will affect the sealing quality if re-heated more than three times.

4.      The traffic can be opened after the sealant fully solidified. Normally, it needs  30 to 60 minutes.

5.      The weight is 20kgs per case, the plastic films in the case can be used together.

6.      Seal Series sealant have 3 types for difference area:

Type I: the lowest temperature more than -10°C

Type II: the lowest temperature more than -20°C

Type II: the lowest temperature more than -30°C


No.ItemUnittechnical indicatorperformance index
1Penetration degree0.1mm<9054
2Softening point°C--96


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