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Embalagem: Madeira (W * H * D) 95*138*77 cm


Explosion Oven/industrial oven


These safety ovens, based on our PH temperature ovens, include special features for drying, heat-treatment and temperature characteristic testing of flammable synthetic resins or volatile solvents. Safety features for potential explosive conditions include:

Low temperature heaters
High-mass "sheathed" heaters are used to heat the oven without a hot element that could ignite volatiles.

Safety explosion vent
An explosion vent in the ceiling allows ventilation if an explosion occurs. The door latch locks securely to avoid popping open if such an event occurred. Even if the operator accidentally turns on the power when door is unlocked, the door lock detection switch prevents the oven from starting.


In case an explosion occurs inside the test chamber, as shown in this figure, insulation material is bent and blown upward together with the aluminum plate to the metal screen at the top of the chamber. In this way the explosion is safely channeled and released through the top metal screen. For our '402' size, the explosion is released through the top metal screen by bending insulation material on the rear wall.


  • Explosion vent and safety door for security
  • Single action lever door with lock detection to prevent operation with the door open
  • Stainless steel interior
  • ExclusiveHONGZHANcontroller with large LED display
    • Two-step programmability with functions for automatic start, stop, ramp, and repeat
    • Visual and audible alarm with diagnostic fault code
  • Two-step programmability with functions for automatic start, stop, ramp, and repeat
  • Specimen power supply control terminal--turns specimen off if chamber faults
  • Four-tiered safety system for overheat conditions
  • Two shelves included standard, rated for 40 lbs. or more
  • Exhaust damper for ventilating oven and fast cool-down

Flammables or materials containing them can be subjected to drying (heat treatment) with this chamber. However, to avoid explosion, ventilate the chamber well and use the chamber below the explosive limit. See the brochure and/or manual for further information including proper operation and acceptable inflammables & combustible gases.

Note: Our optional M-instrumentation programmer for ovens is not available for the SPH models.

Safety Ovens Model Comparison



Model / LinkInterior Dimensions
(W x D x H)
Interior VolumeTemperature RangeNotes
H-SPH-10217.7" x 17.7" x 17.7"3.2 cu. ft.45 to 200°CWith Explosion Vent
H-SPH-20223.6" x 23.6" x 23.6"7.6 cu. ft.45 to 200°CWith Explosion Vent
H-SPH-30231.5" x 31.5" x 31.5"18.1 cu. ft.45 to 200°CWith Explosion Vent
H-SPH-40239.4" x 39.4" x 39.4"35.3 cu. ft.45 to 200°CWith Explosion Vent
H-SPHH-10217.7" x 17.7" x 17.7"3.2 cu. ft.45 to 300°CWith Explosion Vent
H-SPHH-20223.6" x 23.6" x 23.6"7.6 cu. ft.45 to 300°CWith Explosion Vent
H-SPHH-30231.5" x 31.5" x 31.5"18.1 cu. ft.45 to 300°CWith Explosion Vent
H-SPHH-40239.4" x 39.4" x 39.4"35.3 cu. ft.45 to 300°CWith Explosion Vent
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