Máquina de Selo fotossensível 2 X Exposição Auto Tinta Carimbo Flash Flash Fabricante De Selo Selo Selfinking Carimbo Que Faz A Máquina

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Máquina de Selo fotossensível Selo Selfinking Carimbo Que Faz A Máquina
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Photosensitive Seal Machine 2 X Exposure Self Inking Flash Stamp Seal Maker Flash Stamp Machine Selfinking Stamping Making 

This brand new Photosensitive Seal Machine Kit is new and high technology equipment, which has completely changed the traditional complicated seals making technology. Using the machine, it takes only 10 to 15 seconds to make a perfect photosensitive  seal. It has many advantages, such as high working speed, seal impression is clear and no diffusing, seal surface will not shrink or deform. It is easy to operate the machine, and user can learn to use easily.


  • Use a laser printer to print a prepared sample on the sulfuric acid paper or film
  • Cover the exposure film according to the specifications of the sample
  • Print the sample, exposure film and stamp pad, the right order is as follows: put the sample that is close to the photosensitive glass at the bottom, print side up, the middle layer is the exposure film, and the third layer is stamp pad. The three should be followed by a smooth close contact, no interstitial folding. Cover the light shield of seal machine with the handle and pull it tight.
  • Turn on the power switch, and the photosensitive machine starts charging.
  • The machine take random exposure modecan according to the voltmeter shows. Exposure voltage range from 160V to 320V. For the initial use, it is recommended that the user first use the scrap to test out the best exposure voltage value for the stamp pad. When the charging indicator of the seal machine to reach the required exposure voltage of the stamp pad, turn off the power, and press the trigger button to complete the exposure.
  • Unclasp the handle, open the light shield, take the exposured stamp pad out, and scrape off the film
  • Put the pad into the stamp holder, inject ink, a stamp is done.


Photosensitive seal machine can make all kinds of photosensitive seals, portrait seals, business card seals, cartoon seals, and it can widely used in seals industry, portrait seals shop, tourism places, photocopy shops.

  • Reasonable design, lightweight, compact frame
  • Applied to make photosensitive stamp
  • Adopt optical principles to print characters and logo on the special light-sensitive mat
  • Don't need ink pad and ink, and the ink can be refilled continuously
  • Seal impression is clear and does not deform. The pressure of sealing will not affect seal impression.
  • The ink does not expand and the color does not fade, and it dries upon sealing
  • 2 years warranty

  • Condition: Brand new
  • Power voltage: 110V
  • Exposure energy: 2200J
  • Exposure area: 70*110mm ( 2.75"*4.3" )
  • Lamp Qty: 2pcs
  • Exposure box: Drawer type
  • Weight: 6.8kg ( 15lbs )
  • Machine dimension: 380*260*90mm ( 15"*10.2"*3.5" )

Package Include:

  • 1 pc Photosensitive Seal Machine
  • 20 pc Φ 42mm Circle Stamp Holder
  • 20 pc Rubber Stamp Pad
  • 20 Sheets A4 Parchment
  • 20 Sheets A4 Isolating Film


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