Não Revestido de papelão ondulado Papel Para Ondular Médio

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US$ 360,00 - US$ 430,00 / Tonelada métrica | 18 Tonelada métrica/toneladas métricas Toneladas métricas cada Gramatura 5 por Tamanho (Min. Ordem)
relatório de Atividades Suspeitas
Visão Geral
Detalhes Rápidos
Tipo de papel:
Papel ofício
Impressão e Embalagem, caixa de Papel, saco de Papel etc.
Não revestidos
Impressão compatível:
Impressão Offset
à prova de umidade
Material da polpa:
polpa mista
Estilo da polpa:
Tipo reduzindo a polpa:
polpa químico-mecânica
Lugar de origem:
China (Mainland)
Número do Modelo:
Não Revestido de papelão ondulado Papel Para Ondular Médio
Resíduos de Papel importado + OCC
Livre (Frieght Coletado)
Não Revestido de papelão ondulado Papel Para Ondular Médio
Capacidade de fornecimento
Capacidade de fornecimento:
450000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Year
Embalagem e entrega
1 REEL:. rolo De Papel embrulhado com PE/papel Kraft com duas bordas protegidas.
2. BPOP: embalagem A Granel em paletes.
3. RWOP: Resma envolvido em paletes.
CIF Anyport

Corrugated Uncoated Medium Fluting Paper




Basis Weight70-135g
Size Range

Reel: 500mm≤Width≤1800mm

          Core 6inch

          OD Min 1150mm Max 1250mm (Preferred 1150mm)

Sheet: Min 500mm*600mm

            Max 1200mm*1200mm

            Height of pallet 1100mm

Production ScheduleAbout 20days per round
CertificatesISO9001, ISO14000, ISO18000,  SGS, FSC


Features & Usages

Corrugated Uncoated Medium Fluting Paper

1. Strong Stiffness,excellent in different kinds of Boxes.

2. Good Smoothness and High Surface Intensity, makes be suitable for major converting methods, such as gravure printint ,offset printing,embossing lamination

3. Consumer electronic products, paper bags or other consumer merchandise, be used in combination with high performance cardboard and linerboard for corrugated board.


Customers' Final Product( a part)




After get contact with customers, firstly we analyse customers’ detail requests, based on these information and customers’ actual capacity, together with our rich experience in various paper products and target markets, then seriously we will provide our advanced custom-designed paper solutions.

We also welcome our customers to visit factories, discuss cooperation details, help to arrange the schedules.




We provide Good Stiffness Corrugated Uncoated Medium Fluting Paper, our cooperated factories running strict management policies, certified according to the standards ISO 9001:2008 for quality management, ISO14001:2008 for responsibility in environmental management; using modern equipment, materials at all levels to ensure the high quality of our products; following the technological developments and adjusting to the demands and needs of each customer.


1. REEL: Two paper protecting liner on edges of each roll and PE film wrapped with 3/6 inches paper core, and                 packed on strong pallet.

2. BPOP: Bulk sheet packing on pallet, four paper protecting liner by four angles of each bulk sheet and PE                     film wrapped, packed on strong pallet.

3. RWOP: Ream wrapped on pallet, each 100sheets packed with kraft paper, four paper protecting liner by                        four angles of 16 to 32sheets and PE film wrapped, packed on strong pallet.



Every our cooperated factory owns warehouse, after production packing, entering finished quantity in computer system, our cargo will be kept well in the warehouse, workers count the quantity every morning and record it, clean the warehouse several times everyday to keep the house clean and dry. All the Corrugated Uncoated Medium Fluting Paper usually are kept well until the loading day.




Good personal and business relationship with high reputation freight forwarders and local truck companies is another guarantee for our long-term business.

Thanks for all our friends, we now have rich experience in customs, consignees’ government policies, no matter in FOB terms or CIF/CNF terms, our shipping service is outstanding satisfied our customers.



Neither does finished shipping nor payment arrival mean the end of our service. We track the shipping, make perfect documents, keep communication with our customers.

After using our Good Stiffness Corrugated Uncoated Medium Fluting Paper, positively we ask our customers’ feedback and do the best to help our customers’ to earn profit continually.

What’s more, we will visit customers every year, talking face to face, to promote our cooperation.



1.  Work time?


2.  Sample charge & preparation time?

    Sincere cooperation, we provide free sample in 1-2days, freight collect.

3. Where are factories’ machines from?

    Control system from German.



4.  How is the odour?

     No bad odour, because our operated factories use imported waste paper, OCC, newspaper, and clean pulp pool regularly.


Following our strategy to achieve the combination of Satisfied customers, Favorable products, Advanced service, WR have kept well in controlling every step here for you. 





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